Disconnection: Lawyer Slams BEDC With N5million Suit



An Udu based lawyer, Mr. Benefit Orugbo Esq, has slammed the Benin Electricity Distribution Company (BEDC) with a five million Naira Suit for allegedly disconnecting him and his co-tenants in Delta Steel Township Area in Udu Local Government Area of Delta State for instituting a “Pre-Action Notice” against establishment

The legal practitioner disclosed this in a chat with AUTHENTIC News Daily, Delta State Correspondent on Wednesday.

Orugbo threatened to commence legal actions if the issues raised in
the Pre-Action Notice are not addressed.

Orugbo claimed that the BEDC Manager alleged that he has dragged them to court with the”Pre-Action Notice”.

Orugbo also claimed that the BEDC Manager asked him to withdraw his case if he and his co-tenants will continue to enjoy  light in the area stressing that till date,” We have not got light” because BEDC refused to connect me and other tenants.

Orugbo stated that the BEDC’s action is a violation of his fundamental rights with respect to the services rendered.

Orugbo said that he gave the BEDC the Pre-Action Notice so as to
enable the establishment address the burning issues within a period of time.

According to Orugbo,” We just gave them a Pre-Action Notice. They said we have taken them to Court. We have not taken them to court.”

Orugbo explained that there is a “Common Bulk meter” reading for DSC Township axis noting that people like himself and his co-tenants who stay in private compounds have their own prepaid meter and cannot pay bills accruing from the aforesaid meter.

Orugbo pointed out that his co-tenants do not have issues with BEDC that would warrant them being disconnected.

While noting that there is so much corruption in BEDC,Orugbo accused the establishment of issuing over estimated bills to end users.

Orugbo called on the Federal Government to declare “Operation No
Estimated Bills” to ensure that the issuance of Over-Estimated bills
by BEDC is phased out.

Orugbo also suggested that the Federal Government should source for alternative power supply as well as provide citizens with Pre-Paid Metres.

Orugbo stated Over-Estimated bills is not helping the citizens of the country.

“Let BEDC get paid for the services they render that is properly
recorded by the prepaid meter. At the end of the day, when they’re not measuring up, they will sit up. That is the only way that the
regulations that the National Assembly and the Ministry on Power are coming up with to check the establishment that are bought over the NEPA to these various geopolitical zones to sit up and be responsible and get what is due them.”


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