Calls For Overhaul Of Security Apparatus Heightens As NESO Discovers Armed Robbers Den Close To Aso Rock

President Muhammadu Buhari


Calls for review of the country’s internal security architecture  heightened as the Neighbourhood Enlightenment & Safety Organisation (NESO) discovered  a gang of armed robbers operating within an uncomfortable distance to the Presidential villa to be precise,  around the Supreme Court Judges quarters.
According to a source within the organisation, “The gang usually operates between the hours of 10 pm, robbing unsuspected motorist, at the DSS road junction traffic light by Federal Secretariat, and usually dashing into the thick trees within the Judges quarters.
 A robbery incidence happened on Tuesday at about the same time 10pm, and the victim whose windows where half way up was lucky to avoid his car being snatched.
However, after a long drag the robbers were able to make away with a bag containing money and some other belongings.
The victim was said to have rushed to alert some armed policemen but by the time they returned to the same spot, they couldn’t find any of them.”
Narrating further the source added, “To the victim’s  greatest amazement, the policemen acknowledged that the robbers have been robbing people in that general area for a while now, meaning there hasn’t been any proactive measure taken to apprehend them from such uncanny acts within the security zone. If the Presidential Villa general area can be this porous where then can be safe in Nigeria?”
“There is no doubt the need for complete re-architecture of our internal security, precisely to close-up the existing wide gap between the undercover and security community by introducing community intelligence outfit to compliment the Department of State Service and the Nigeria Police.
“This is because the police cannot be at every place at the same time, indeed no nation in the world has achieved this feat.
“We need to deploy community/neighbourhood watch as the third eye. The high rise in crime and criminality in the country leaves us with no option but to opt for centralized community police.
 “Already the Nigeria Police is overwhelmed; we no longer need straight jacket approach in providing community safety and security,” he concluded.
“In another development NESO has also discovered the den of kidnappers in Nasarawa State, their members numbering over 50, terrorizing and kidnapping people in broad day light with no facial mask and are bold to give out their contact address for ransom delivery.
“The public must therefore,  assist the police and other security agencies to stop the rampaging kidnappers and criminals who have succeeded in killing so many people. NESO is strategically spread and is faceless in the communities thus harnessing  security threats information that are capable for preemptive actions.


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