Delta Cleric Blasts Buhari’s Government, Expresses Dissatisfaction Over State Of Nation

President Muhammadu Buhari
Senior Pastor of Praise Baptist Church Sapele, a.ka. Oghenetega, Rev. Prosper Oke Idjesa has expressed dissatisfaction at the state of the nation noting that it  is neither here nor  there and the Buhari government is having fundamental challenges.
Rev. Idjesa made this assertions during a press briefing with newsmen in his office in Sapele local government area of Delta State.
 He noted that, the Buhari government on assumption of office, told Nigerians that they were catalyst for change and till date, Nigeria is still in quagmire.
 The Cleric who is a strong advocate of transparent government and stands for righteousness at all rimes, told journalists  that the present  government is  having fundamental challenge particularly in the area of security where the Boko Haram has been degraded to some extent but we now have monsters of herdsmen and farmers clashe which is more or less has swallowed up the gains that the government has gotten in the first plac in the fight against Boko Haram.
Idjesa during the exclusive media briefing,  lambasted the present government on the state of the nation, noting that there has not been any element of improvement from what Nigeria have had before since the Buhari government came in to power.
The Sapele preacher who  attributed this ugly development to the failure of leadership and the inability of the federal government to put its foot on the ground to deal with those who are trying to perpetrate violence, said that, the violence in Nigeria  should not be attributed to Moslems and Christians issue.
He added  that even in Zamfara, Adamawa, Taraba and others like Edo and , Delta states   were you have sizeable number of Moslems, the killings is  alarming  but  in his own opinion, the man of God said that the violence in the country is boundritry and criminality coupled with economy challenge and lack of resources which the government should mitigate. But what we have seen so far, the government has not actually to some extent do the needful to ameliorate  the suffering of the people.
On security, Rev. Idjesa again  lambasted the Buahari government who said they are fighting corruption only in the pages of the newspapers, persecuting Nigerians, adding that the judiciary should be allow to do its job, if the judiciary says some body is guilty, so be it  but in a situation where the government now says a person is guilty before the judiciary, its not proper and their should be need for improvement even in this government.
He then said that, if Nigeria continues like this without  actually involving economic issues, you will discover that half of the nation’s budget will go to some security issues that is not even solved at the end of the day.
It should be noted that, the hand of God is doing miracles at praise Baptist church Sapele as thousands of testimonies are being recorded every now and them to the glory of God.


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