Support Colleagues Vying For Political Offices, Uduaghan Urges Nigerian Youth

A former Governor of Delta State, Dr. Emmanuel Ewetan Uduaghan today urged Nigerian youths to support their colleagues vying for political offices across the country instead of pulling themselves down if they are eager to “Changing the Old Narrative in a Young and Dynamic Socio-Political World”.
Dr. Uduaghan said that is the only way to actualize the “Not-Too-Young- Rule” Bill recently put into law by President Muhammadu Buhari.
Dr. Uduaghan made the call at the 2018 Political Youth Conference organised by the Core Delta Youth in commemoration of the International Youth Day on Sunday.
Dr. Uduaghan told delegates at the conference that the 2019 general elections should be a testing ground for the “Not-Too-Young-To-Run” Bill.
Uduaghan also charged young people seeking to be leaders to first learn to manage time before seeking to lead.
Dr. Uduaghan tasked youths to borrow a leaf from young Presidents like Emmanuel Macron of France just as he urged them to register in the ongoing Continuous Voters’ Registration ,CVR in a bid to support fellow young people seeking elective positions in 2019.
“When young people stand for election, they don’t enjoy the support of fellow youths. They are still the ones that try to bring their fellow youths down. Any youth standing for election must focus on mobilizing the youths instead of running down older candidates as a form of manifesto.
“Our political parties should lower their fees for expression of interest form for youths especially ahead of 2019 general elections, because without it the campaign for Not-Too-Young-To-Run which was recently signed by President Muhammadu Buhari will be a mirage. 2019 will be a test ground for young people seeking to lead. Youths must support themselves for elective positions. Nigerian youths must borrow leaf from global young presidents such Emmanuel Macron of France.”
Dr. Uduaghan further urged political parties in Nigeria to reduce fees for expression of interest form ahead of the 2019 general elections so as to deliberately encourage youths’ participation.
Earlier in an address, the Coordinator of Core Delta Youth, Mr. Uyero Erarawewho  charged the youths to shun violence, thuggery as nefarious biddings of any politician stressing that the political atmosphere in the country hit up in the state.
 “We can only change the old narratives if we stand up as youths to engage ourselves positively in politics as we make up 65 per cent of the electorate. We have to be relevant and that is what Core Delta Youth stand for, being committed to good governance and 30 per cent inclusion of youths in government.”


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