Oil Firm In Warri Shutdown As FISSAN Laments Over Local Content Law

Governor Ifeanyi Okowa of Delta State
Prime Source Limited Oil firm was shutdown on Wednesday by the Fitters Senior Staff Association of Nigeria (FISSAN).
The secretary general of Fissan who spoke to AUTHENTIC News Daily during the protest  on Wednesday, said the Local Content Act is the greateat problem plaguing the Nigerian Workers including its members.
FISSAN Secretary General, Comrade Morrister Idibra made the assertion during  peaceful protests over an alleged “Anti-labour” activities against its members by an oil firm, Prime Source Limited.
“The local content we have now, is a problem to the Nigerian workers. Our Nigerian Contractors , they’re treating workers as slaves. They don’t pay when payments are due and they don’t want to even negotiate with workers which is very, very bad.
” So, we are calling on the Federal Government to review this local content law to reflect the true meaning of local content. They need to sanction some of these contractors that are treating Nigerians as slaves. It is very important.”
This is coming as Idibra who led FISSAN members in the protest shutdown the Warri Office of an Oil firm, Prime Sources Limited over an alleged “Anti-Labour” Activities.
The protest forced the base Manager of the Company,Mr. Joe Kalu scamped away on the hide  as the FISSAN members shutdown the oil company with a warning to do worse until their demands are met.
The FISSAN protesters chanted solidarity songs prevented Staff of the Company from entering the yard at the time of this report.
The protesters beared placards with inscriptions such as,”Prime Source Ltd, stop the victimization of fitters”,”Prime Source Ltd, stop the inhuman treatment of our members
#Our right to collective bargain#”, “Prime Source Ltd,
stop intimidation of workers”, ” Prime Source Ltd,
stop giving fitters untainable task”, “Prime Source Ltd,
without PPE is wicked!!!”, ” Prime Source Ltd,
stop the crime against labour law #Our right to work in Nigeria#” and “Prime Source Ltd,
it’s our right to work. Fitters are professionals”.
Idibra said they shutdown the Company because of it’s ” Anti-labour Activities “.
” They have work to do that requires the services of fitters but they have refused to discuss with the Union and few fitters that are inside are being used as slaves and they’re working under very horrible conditions.
“There are no basic PPE that are required but not provided and they’re using them for “task”. Using them to attain margin that cannot be attained.
“We have written a lot of letters to the company but the company seems not to listen to us through their base Manager.
” We reported the matter to the police. Even the Area Commander in Warri invited the Management, they refused to come. That’s why we decided to picket the company today.
“So far, so good, the Management have agreed to meet with us on Tuesday next  week. We should hope that all issues should be addressed.”
Idibra who was flanked by the Delta Stste FISSAN Chairman, Comrade Sam Tuoyo, Comrade Emmanuel Okorodudu, Delta State Chairman of Nigerian Welders Association and the FISSAN Admin Head, Comrade Austin Ogobiri demanded that the oil firm the labour laws stressing that workers and the Union have rights to negotiate under the “Collective bargaining”.
Idibra also demanded that the oil firm provide the basic requirements needed for work adding that workers welfare should be adequately taken care of.
” They should not force the workers to work beyond limit because when you give a target that is not achievable, you’re subjecting the worker to slavery condition.
Idibra warned that there are line up of actions to be instituted against the oil firm, should it not meet with the demands of FISSAN in the shortest possible time.
In a chat with Our Correspondent, the Delta State Chairman of the United Labour Congress,ULC, Comrade Kayode Akin corroborated the claims of the Idibra saying the Company is perpetrating what he termed “labour misguide rules” just as he warned that there will be no job until further notice.


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