Airtel Officially Launches 4G Network Service In Warri

Governor Ifeanyi Okowa of Delta State
Airtel Nigeria has officially launched its 4G services in the City of Warri and its environs in Delta State.
The launch was held at Airtel’s office  Effurun,  Uvwie Local Government Area.
Airtel’s Chief Executive Officer/Managing Director, Segun Ogunsonya said, “Ladies and Gentlemen, it brings me pleasure to officially launch Airtel 4G in Warri, Delta State.”
Ogunsanya who was represented by Airtel’s Regional Operations Director said the launch is in continuation if its commitment to empower more Nigerians in providing economic activities across all sectors as well as provide fertile access to affordable and reliable mobile access.
He said with the launch, Airtel will empower through technology.
Ogunsanya pointed out that Airtel had also launched the 4G services in Abuja, Ibadan, Onitsha and Anambra and other major towns stressing that response from its exteemd customers has been very impressive.
Ogunsanya recalled a pleasant comments he got from a Senior Police Officer in an event he attended in Onitsha.
In his words,”The Police Officer said, maybe you need to call the police with the 4G, it is going to be faster other than the 3G they had.”
Ogunsanya added that the Police Officer said,”This is very good. People can reach the police fairly, quick and faster in the society.”
Ogunsanya explained that this is exactly waht the 4G  in Warri and its environs will do for Deltans.
He stressed that,”It will also help to boost economic activities, provide entrepreneur to connect with more stakeholders.”
“Implementing this indefinite network, we hope it will help increase productivity and help the residents, telecom customers in.Warri to fulfill their potentials as well as to realize their dreams.
“Am very proud of this roll out because, we have put alot of work to ensure that we offer Nigerians through professional service.
Ours, is a 4G that’s not only fast and reliable  but a 4G service that really works. Already, we have started getting some positive reviews of the Airtel 4G service in Warri and other major locations.
“It is a simple process. All you need to do is to upgrade your SIM to 4G. You can just walk into the shop back behind me and do the upgrade.
“It will not take more than two minutes. The other beat that needs to happen is that, the device you’re using should be 4G  enabled. A simple test you can do while am still here is to press your phone and dial *121*1*1# and you will get a message which indicate whether your SIM and your device is 4G enabled.
“It is as simple as A,B,C. Once this is done, you will experience a simple versed fast internet services on the Airtel network. The new dawn, Airtel is very passionate about enriching lives and creating value for all the stakeholders.
“We believe that delivering a superior 4G, experience is a major step in actualizing our objective of making life simple and better for all Nigerians.
“We take very seriously, our commitment to take 4G to our  customers, Nigerians as we dramatically improve mobile experience for telecom consumers across the nation.
Ogunsanya acknowledged the efforts of its partners particularly, Huawai technology and others for helping to bring out 4G in Warri.
Ogunsanya said this demonstrates commitment, focus and professionalism in Warri.
“Our channel, partners, technology partners and all the partner agents for the significant row in placing Airtel 4G service the doorsteps customers in Warri.”
Ogunsanya also expressed excitement about the roll out of 4G in Warri, Asaba, Ughelli, Oleh, Sapele, Otefe-Oghara, Ogwashi-Uku, Okpanam, Enerhen, Mosogar, Jesse, Edjeba just to mention a few other environment just as he thanked the people for their supports and feedbacks.
In a goodwill message, the Vice Chairman of Warri South-West Local Government Council, Hon.Arthur .J.P said,”This is an improvement.
He promised to ensure to introduce the package to Staff of the Council with the assurance that they will subscribe to same constantly.


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