NAWIS Warns Public Against Impersonators

NAWIS President, Professor Florence Adeyanju

By;  KATO P. LADAN, Kaduna

The Executive Committee Members of National Association of Women in Sports (NAWIS) has drawn the attention of all the stakeholders of sports in Nigeria, to be wary of treacherous and dangerous people parading themselves as women in sports, but are out to destroy sports development completely.

A statement signed by Comrade Janet Jatau, NAWIS Secretary General said the publication was allegedly released by a faceless journalist, Musa Abdulai who was misled by detractors.

The publication which he titled “fraud crises Rocks Women in Sports Association” has made members of the group to call for his investigation for publishing a one sided story which is against the ethics of the profession.

The statement however ordered the said Abdulai to immediately retract his publication or face the consequences of his action.

It said, “The financial report was presented during the general meeting and no one raised any objection. Instead, commendation was made by members on the detail  financial report given.

” It is unfortunate that mischief makers gave the public a negative report about the financial report in contrary to what actually happened”.

According to the statement, Professor Florence Adeyanju the founder of NAWIS  does not use the Association to attract any financial benefits for herself.

It said, “Professor Adeyanju has instead used her personal money, material and expertise to help the growth of the Association which so many women and girls have benefited. Therefore, those peddling rumors should desist from portraying the association in badlight”.

Nawis which is said to be 28 years old cannot be distracted by faceless destroyers, the statement reiterated.

The statement further says the allegations by the faceless writer are baseless and unfounded adding that it is unfortunate that the General Secretary of NFF Mr. Sanusi is dragged into the issues.

It said the accusers were envious of the success of the NAWIS 10th conference hence huge success was recorded which is said to be the first success recorded in its history.

It urged the general public to disregard the story as the women who made the allegations were not even mentioned.

It further said, “Professor Adeyanju and the host state chapter of NAWIS  insisted that some individuals who overtime claimed to be members of NAWIS  but were not paying membership dues yet have been enjoying free feeding, free accommodation and transportation should be stopped from enjoying the benefits that  financial members enjoyed.

“Adeyanju and other financial members insisted that it should not continue and put a stop to it. That they must pay membership dues if they want to enjoy the benefits of being a member of NAWIS.

“The decision not to allow those who have not paid membership due enjoy the benefits of financial members made them angry to such an extent that they wanted to cause trouble. But they were appropriately dealt with before the general meeting”.


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