Delta 2019: It Is Okowa Or No One Else – Urhobo Group

Governor Ifeanyi Okowa of Delta State
An Urhobo group under the auspices of Delta Central Equity Group (DCEG) on Wednesday said the Delta State Governor, Sen,  Arthur Ifeanyi Okowa should be allowed   to complete the two terms due Delta North Senatorial District.
Convener of the group,  Hon. Morris Idiovwa made the assertion in a speech shortly after the group was inaugurated in Ughelli North Local Government Area of Delta State.
Hon. Idiovwa said, “What is good for the goose, should be good for the gander.
” If Delta Central could have its eight unbroken years,  just as Delta South has done,  then why not Delta North?
Hon. Morris also said, “If we fail to speak up when injustice is being nurtured,  then the man dies in us just as the Nobel Laureate skillfully impressioned in one of his famous works.
“We don’t want the Urhobo to be cheated out in her turn,  so we shall not allow a negative precedence be set with Delta North. We  believe in peace,   justice and preach equity,  we should be seen to be serving it.”
Hon. Morris vowed to mobilize the Urhobo people with a view to ensuring that what is due Delta North Senatorial District in the political space in the state is delivered to them as equal stakeholders in the “Project Delta”.
“We shall be achieving this by ensuring that the coming elections, eslecially governorship and State House of Assembly elections that the coming elections are peaceful and violence-free in Delta Central.
“We will not allow ourselves to be used as folder to forment trouble.
” Delta Central must be peaceful before,  during and after 2019 election.
“The least way the Urhobo and the rest of Delta State can give their Delta North brothers an adequate sense of belonging and solidarity is to ensure that the order of rotational arrangements as regards who leads the state,  is not broken which translates to the governor from that part of the State, Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa to complete the two terms due his region. That will be equity,  that will be justice.”
In a communique signed by Hon. Morris and Comrade Festus Otesiri Igherebuo, Urhobo Youth President,  they resolved that Delta Central Equity Group will always work with the twin attributes of justice and equity in espousing its vision for a united and eqitable governing framework in Delta State today and always.
“Also,  we hereby enjoin every political actor or group plotting to destablize Delta Central for whatever narrow political calculation to bury such thoughts forthwith as we will not tolerate any attempt to do otherwise.
” Also,  we want to state our readiness and resolve to work with all security agencies and the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC to ensure a peaceful conduct of the elections in the Delta Central and to ensure that no single voter duly registered is disenfranchised by any means during the elections.”


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