OPINION BY JACOB ONJEWU DICKSON: 10 Reasons Why NNPP Candidate, Ambassador Adamu Will Win Bauchi Guber Polls

Bauchi State Huber candidate, Ambassador Shu'aibu Ahmed Adamu

Less than a month to the March 2 Gubernatorial polls, one state where the two big parties are likely to be shocked is Bauchi, where all odds favour the candidate of the New Nigeria Peoples Party (NNPP), Ambassador Shuaibu Ahmed Adamu.
For every right reason, the drum beats of success are beating in favour of NNPP in the entire Bauchi State.
Below are ten reasons why Ambassador Adamu stands a good chance of occupying the Bauchi Government House by May 29;
1. Experience: As an experienced technocrat, who is an accountant with a very successful accounting firm, Bauchi indigenes need not worry themselves about their funds, because they would definitely be in safe hands.
2. Need For Power Shift: The clamour for power shift from Bauchi South Senatorial Zone who have held sway for 20 years is yet another odd in favour of Ambassador Adamu. Incumbent, Governor Mohammed Abubakar is from Bauchi South. Isa Yuguda (2007 to 2015) too who was before him, is also from Bauchi South, same applies to ex Governor Adamu Muazu, who was in charge from 1999 to 2007.
The 20-year grip on power by the south is not being viewed kindly by advocates of power shift from the central and northern Senatorial zones.
Ambassador Adamu happens to be from Ningi, which falls under the central Senatorial zone, a plus for his candidacy at this material time.
3. Grassroots: Anybody conversant with the electioneering campaigns in Bauchi State in 2019 would note that only one candidate, Ambassador Adamu was in constant touch with the grassroots. He took his time, going round all the wards in all the local government areas.
One place that stands him out is Darazo Local Government Area, which shares borders with the insurgency ravaged Yobe State. In Darazo, not scared of the risks involved, nor the several roads and dusty paths that are nearly not motorable, he went on visiting Papa, which is linked by a dusty road several kilometres off the Bauchi-Yobe Highway, even going ahead to Aliya Town, which is almost cut off from the rest of the world. He made the record of the only gubernatorial candidate to have ever visited the area.
Before veering off the Bauchi-Yobe highway to Lanzai, he received royal blessings from the District Head of Papa, Alhaji Suleiman Abdullahi who said that by God’s grace, Ambassador’s ambition will be realized, while reminding him that they lacked roads, electricity and farm inputs like fertilizers and pesticides.
4. Humility:  Just like the popular saying, ‘Pride goes before a fall’ has been proven to be true over and over again through history, humility is also richly rewarded, both by humans and the Creator. Ambassador Adamu’s humility is legendary. He relates with everyone without seeing himself as superior. In spite of the heights in life that he has attained, he still mingles freely, eats freely and interacts with all, without raising his shoulders high. This is one quality that makes him stand out from other top contenders for Bauchi’s top job.
5. Poor performance of incumbent: The poor performance by incumbent governor of Bauchi State, has even made winning the coming polls easy for any serious contender. Ordinarily, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) would have been the best bet to grab the opportunity, unfortunately, Bauchi electorate still have trust issues with PDP, hence, most are pitching their tents with NNPP. Another odd against the PDP candidate is the lack of performance and corruption allegations while serving as FCT Minister, and the fact that he is associated with thuggery by his supporters. He is generally also seen as not serious and lacking focus.

6. Party Ideology: With an ideology focused on programmes that are targeted at the majority of citizens, Bauchi people see NNPP as a beautiful bride and are not ashamed to court the party. They believe that a victory for the party is one for the masses as well as all Bauchi citizens. With plans to invest heavily in the grassroots to curb rural-urban migration, it would be a win-win for all as crime rates and unemployment will be cut down in the cities and towns, while massive infrastructure and jobs would be witnessed in the grassroots.
7. The synergy between the Central and Northern Senatorial zone: The Northern and Central Senatorial zones bent on power shift, have vowed to come together to beat the south. With the two top contenders, Senator Bala Mohammed and incumbent, Mohammed Abubakar from the south, the southern votes are set to be split, giving NNPP which is fielding a Northern and Central joint ticket a huge advantage.
8. The Adamu Muazu Factor: Even though he was rumoured to have defected to the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC), Adamu Muazu is yet to officially speak on it or issue any statement against or in support of it. Ambassador Adamu was a key actor during Muazu’s regime and contributed to his unrivalled records in development of Bauchi State. He was an SA, a commissioner and a secretary to the state government. In fact, it was him who handed over to Yuguda in 2007 on behalf of the state government. He was and is still very much trusted by Muazu, a plus that might work in his favour days to the election.
9. Clamour for change: With the clamour for change ringing through the cities, towns and villages in Bauchi State, it is apparent that  Ambassador Adamu is best favoured to emerge the beneficiary of that change. This is evident in the support he is receiving throughout Bauchi State. As the boundary from Saminaka in Lere Local Government Area of Kaduna State is crossed, the most prominent party sighted as one enters Bauchi State is NNPP. The party’s publicity materials are not scarce along the way as one sees posters, billboards and graffiti all over the highway, indicating the people want the party to be in power.
10. Zero Tolerance For Corruption: Ambassador Adamu’s zero tolerance for corruption and clamour for good governance is yet another factor that endears him and his party the NNPP to several electorate.
 He has never hidden his disgust for corruption and at every opportunity he gets, he explain that ridding Bauchi of corruption will translate to better standards of living for the people through provision of better infrastructure. He has always been of the view that corruption has prevented the state from moving forward. He also gives example of progress made during the administration of Adamu Muazu, which he said was possible as a result of absence of corruption. Only recently he told journalists that “Nobody who served under Adamu Muazu has been arrested or found guilty of corruption as a result of transparency and accountability experienced under that regime”.
With these 10 factors, it is glaring that Bauchi electorate have already taken sides before the polls and are bent on ensuring a true government of the people, where all lives matter and all will be given equal opportunity is voted on March 2 and comes on board after swearing in on May 29.


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