Zamfara Banditry Has Metamorphosed To Slavery – Cleric

File photo: Weapons recovered from armed bandits by Army in Zamfara on June 23, 2018.


An Islamic cleric in Zamfara State, Shiekh Idris Alma has raised the alarm over the act of slavery in the state.

Delivering jumuat sermons at As-sadeeq Abubakar Jumuat Mosque in Maradun town, the headquarters of Maradun local government area, Alma regretted that, residents have been turned to be slaves.

According to him, it is now an act of slavery what was happening in Zamfara where millions of naira were being paid freely to free innocent citizens in captivity.

He stated that, payment of ransom to the bandits had make kidnapping to become rampant in towns and villages.

The cleric however, accused  federal and state government of total failure in tackling the issue of banditry in the state.

“It is a worrisome, those in government from federal down to local government, have no concern to the ongoing killings of the poor people, the issue had now to be slavery, where people are taken in dozens for money”, he added.

He also, criticised his colleagues, Islamic scholars, for keeping mute on the killings and other failures of the governments.

” Let us also blame ourselves, scholars for not telling the government its shortcomings, just because fee nuts we are receiving “, he stressed.

The cleric called for change of attitude on the part of Islamic Scholars by telling the government the right thing with a view to make correction. ENDs


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