OPINION BY AUWAL AHMED IBRAHIM – Chanchangi: The Forgotten Philanthropist



Alhaji Ahmadu Chanchangi was one of the men not only in his state known for his magnificent generosity.

He was a business magnate that the echo of his kindness even to this moment he clocked two years laying in his grave rings bell within and far distance of Nigeria, not only because he was the richest person in the state at his life time but he was a man that helped and donated to the growth of the people that needed his compassionate assistance.

People believed that one thing that late Ahmadu Chanchangi lacked was ‘empty hands’ because he gave to people like the way rain drops and sock the soil to yield good harvest. I could remember the students who were under his sponsorship while I was a student of his school.

Many of the sponsored students were from his home town Takum, Taraba State and included hundreds of the less privileged  children and religious clerics of Kaduna state. The AAC (Alhaji Ahmadu Chanchangi-Students) from Takum were given apartments attached to his house and receives weekly welfare allowance.

Chanchangi was a business tycoon that his wealth benefitted all sects of Muslims and Christians of all tribes. Chanchangi was not a tribalistic donor but he was a charitable giver that was happy to be invited to impact on humanity. One thing that he cherished doing was assisting in the development of education and his religion. He injected his wealth so much in the promotion of education and religion with huge of millions. His magnanimous donation for the organization and awards of the annual Qur’anic competition helped greatly in the quest of memorizing the Qur’an among learners and also boosted the moral for learning. Chanchangi Transport and Chanchangi Airlines contributed to the robust of Nigerian economy and provided hundreds of jobs to Nigerian job seekers that curtailed hyperbolic redundancy and vagabond among educated youths.

Chanchangi is perceived to own almost half of Kaduna metropolitan land and through his passionate kindness he developed new areas in Kaduna State. He constructed the first bridge through Hayin Rigasa and motorist passage. Chanchangi also developed Kinkinau and distributed hundreds plots of lands to the poor to have settlements.

He also donated lands to private organizations to assist the masses in their humanitarian services and donated lands to government for the development of its people.

One pathetic thing about all that Alhaji Ahmadu Chanchangi had done for the masses and the government, he is left unremembered. Chanchangi as a philanthropist whose generosity carved good minds for the youths of Kaduna State, helped greatly in developing Kaduna, while his eminence generosity reduced the spate of criminal activities during his time. His scholarship assistance helped greatly in having educated youths with mind set and good doctrine of civilized life.

Chanchangi injected much of his wealth if not half in the promotion of religious culture and assisting people. His annual Zakkat (Charity) of millions helped in achieving many projects of human development in Kaduna state and championed the need of human progress.

But it seems that the government of Kaduna State is not aware of the magnanimous effort of late Chanchangi and the calls of different people to immortalize the industrialist as there is no any place that is named after him. The people of Kaduna state started advising the government of Kaduna State to immortalize the business mogul through various associations and media outlets immeduatly after the demised of Ahmadu Chanchangi but upto now the government has not fulfilled the wish of the masses.

After the death of Ahmadu Chanchangi, the President of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari has commiserated with the government of Kaduna state, his relatives and the people of Nigeria over the irrevocable lost. The president described late Ahmadu Chanchangi as a “notable entrepreneur, who devoted his wealth to the advancement of the welfare of others instead of pursuing conspicuous consumption in a society overwhelmed by poverty.”

The president added through his Spokesman, Malam garba Shehu that “Chanchangi’s selfless commitment to humanitarian causes, demonstrated in his offering succor to those in need, sponsoring community enlightenment programmes and uplifting of people’s spiritual well-being.”

The president expressed optimism that Chanchangi will never be forgotten for his sacrifices as he said he “believes that Alhaji Chanchangi, who devoted his life to the service of God and humanity will be long remembered for his resourcefulness, discipline and passion for hard work.”

The key message of the president of Nigeria was a good advice to Kaduna State government to graciously immortalize late Ahmadu Chanchangi who died on the 19th of April, 2019 from a brief illness on his way from Kaduna to Abuja for medication. Chanchangi deserved recognition and honor from government, notable individuals and organizations to appreciate his life time sacrifices as a tool to motivate other people to engage in philanthropic activities because it is the only worldly honor that pays for human sacrifices that signifies appreciation.

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