By Using Substandard Building Materials, You Are Digging Graves On People, SON DG Warns

Regional Coordinator North West, Standards Organization of Nigeria (SON), Alhaji Adamu Abba (Galajen Bauchi) who represented the Director General Standards Organization of Nigeria, Osita Aboloma and other dignitaries observing the national anthem at the Sensitization on "Save The Nation, Shun Substandard Products" held in Kaduna on Wednesday May 15, 2019 in collaboration with Tij Miracle Consultants.

By KATO P. LADAN, Kaduna

The Director General Standards Organization of Nigeria, Osita Aboloma has appealed to property developers and building contractors to resist the temptations of using substandard building materials as it leads to loss of lives and property.

The DG expressed this in his welcome remarks at the Sensitization on “Save The Nation, Shun Substandard Products” held in Kaduna on Wednesday May 15, 2019 in collaboration with Tij Miracle Consultants.

“If you don’t use good materials, your building will not last as expected. We will tell you the sand to purchase, gravel and others in this sensitization.

“For whichever reason you decide to purchase substandard materials to build, you are digging your grave.

“As a contractor handling projects and you use substandard products you are digging graves of others. But remember that what goes around comes around_” he said.

Speaking further, he stressed  that building materials important to the socioeconomic wellbeing of the country,  hence SON is  serious about protection of lives and property of Nigerians.

“This time around wears dwelling solely on building materials. We are telling you this and why you should purchase standard building materials.

“Try to communicate message to others not here so that together we can carry Nigeria to higher standards,” he said.

Represented by the Regional Coordinator North West, Adamu Abba (Galajen Bauchi), he said that the sensitization is in series as part of efforts of the DG to ensure safety of life and property of Nigerians.

“We have done building collapses which entails all the processes leading to building collapse, that is why we organised this one to further sensitize people on the right building materials which will save lives and property and help our economy,” he added.

Representative of the Consultant,  Mrs. Jennifer Gbishe-Igoh in her remarks, said that people make mistakes because of lack of information.
Gbishe-Igoh who is the Grassroots Mobilisation Consultant of Tij Miracle said that,  “if you are not informed, you will be deformed, that is why SON is doing this sensitization programmes all over the country.

“Even if you are living in a mud house, it is a building and you need quality standard materials.

“Before going round to rid Nigeria of substandard products, SON is informing you so that when they come for substandard products you won’t feign ignorance.

“Most people here the traders, as well as those that build houses. They are key stakeholders. I advise all Nigerians to watch out for what they are buying it is very important. Do not exchange quality for quantity,” she advised.

SON Kaduna State Coordinator, Danlami E. Datti  said that the sensitization was to create awareness among building materials sellers and users. 

“We are happy from the feedback that people are becoming aware from from the various sensitization programmes from feedback we are getting, 

In few years from now, we won’t have building collapse and substandard products 
A participant, Hajiya Engineer Hadiza Adogi from the  Nigeria Institute of Civil Engineers,  said that there will be multiplier effect from the sensitization because what they have learnt, they will make sure it reaches others.

Engineer Abdul Audu, Kadpoly Lecturer and Kadpoly Consult said that the issue of standards and quality of products should not be left to SON alone.

“Various building materials lack quality and I am making a call to everybody concerned that there should be quality.
“Scrap metal refiners should be checked to ensure quality. The problem we have with roofing today, you have a house roofed and first rains blows it off. SON should eliminate the lighter roofing sheets.

“A lot of people also don’t use good wood to roof. Those days it is either you use Iroko or strong wood. It is important we accept it is our responsibility to ensure we have good quality. We have a role to play  to ensure we live quality lives and the right thing is done,” he said.

Another stakeholder and participant, Engineer Joshua Nyela from the Kaduna State Urban Property Development Authority (KASUPDA)  said that there is a department responsible for checking that all in the building plans and materials prescribed are adhered to. 

“I will advise the general public to always engage the right professionals for their jobs. Not only substandard building materials cause building collapse, but wrong professionals,” he advised. 

 He said that the agency marks houses not just because of faults or use of substandard products,  but those that lack  building permits. 

“The society is having misconception most times they see mark on construction projects and  they expect demolition,” he said. 

On why several people don’t go to the authority to get their buildings approved before they begin building, he said it is not usually lack of finances that hinders that, but the fear that it is expensive.

“I am not sure such are expensive. Building permits for two bedroom is about 20 or 30 thousand Naira which is relatively cheap compared to other State like Nasarawa and others,” he said.


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