Elumelu Dismisses Sexual Harrasment, Wife Snatching Allegations

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The member-elect to the represent the Aniocha/Oshimili Federal Constituency, Hon Ndudi Elumelu has dismissed sexual harassment and attempted wife snatching allegation against him as a preposterous and baseless allegation, by the petitional, Mr. Anthony Nnabuife Elue, and published  by an online medium, on the position of HURIWA.

Chief Elumelu reacting to the allegation through the Director General of his campaign organization, Hon. Anene Chigbue said that the entire petition by the petitional , is targeted at tarnishing and blemishing his impeccable and upright reputation, not just as a responsible family man and devout Christian, but sadly as a beloved representative of the gentle and good people of Aniocha/Oshimili whom he had served gallantly and with great distinction for two meritoriously terms at the Federal House of Representatives.

 The reaction titled :HURIWA Drags Rep-Elect, Elumelu To IGP, NHRC For Threatening Man’s Life After Attempting To Snatch His Wife

Hon Elumelu stated that the said petition is a vile, ludicrous and utterly despicable publication, and slammed HURIWA, and the online portal.

He stated that;

“ The entire petition by the said Mr. Anthony Nnabuife Elue, is not just a big tissue of lies and a litany of preposterous and baseless allegations, the subsumed intent of the petition reeks of an oozing and putrid defamation agenda, targeted at tarnishing and blemishing the impeccable and upright reputation of Rt. Hon Ndudi Elumelu, not just as a responsible family man and devout Christian, but sadly as a beloved representative of the gentle and good people of Aniocha/Oshimili whom he had served gallantly and with great distinction for two meritoriously terms at the Federal House of Representatives from 2007 – 2015 and who has now been reelected by an overwhelming landslide majority by his constituents to go and deliver the quality representation they had so dearly been denied of in the short period of his absence from the House of Representatives.”

“It  is amazing and disgraceful, from the little sense one has managed to glean out of the nonsense and incoherence of the document, that a man who claims to possess some level of literacy, can depose that he travelled abroad only to return to the news that his wife had gone to court and divorced.”

He asked, while berating the human right body,  “Is it even possible to commence legal divorce processes in court without all parties having been properly served severally with the motion by a court bailiff?” 

“Even HURIWA, which has taken it upon itself to present Mr. Anthony Nnabuife Elue’s petition ought to know better, but has unfortunately avoided informing us on what actions or otherwise their petitioner took when he was served the divorce papers, which may have compelled the Court to give his estranged wife judgment.”

“It  is indeed strange and somewhat ambivalent that Mr. Anthony Nnabuife Elue, having so obviously and agreeably conceded to the divorce ruling and  having also successfully been granted some custody rights to his children, should now drum up trumped up and deliberately manipulated allegations connecting Rt. Hon. Ndudi Elumelu who have never met him, to what is definitely a family matter between himself and his ex wife which can easily be handled by a competent court of law. His request for the arrest and institution of criminal proceedings against the beloved lawmaker shamelessly reveals the futile yet wicked and malicious extent the manipulators of Anthony Nnabuife Elue would go to achieve their devilish objective.”

“ The petition describes Rt. Hon Ndudi Elumelu as a ‘culprit’ which on its own is sufficient to file charges of libel and character defamation and assassination against Mr. Anthony Nnabuife Elue, as there was no instance or ruling in which Rt. Hon. Ndudi Elumelu has either been indicted or reprimanded by a competent court of law for meddling in the affairs of Mr. Anthony Nnabuife Elue and his family. At no instance or juncture, was the allegation of threat to the life of Mr. Anthony Nnabuife Elue by the Lawmaker established or copiously detailed to warrant an investigation of a subsequent resort to arrest.”

It is on record that Rt. Hon. Ndudi Elumelu vigorously and committedly pursued, secured and ensured the gainful employment and empowerment of hundreds of his constituents, of which Mrs. Elue must have been a beneficiary, in several government employment and empowerment schemes in Federal Ministries, Departments, Agencies and other initiatives, and for which he has continued to be revered and celebrated across the length and breadth of Aniocha/Oshimili Federal Constituency till date, even without meeting them one or one.”

“Some of the allegations made in the petition, especially the claims which Mr. Nnabuife Anthony Elue purportedly put in the mouth of his young children, are not worth repeating here, but the disturbing nature of such allegations supposedly derived from the mouth of children, shows how dangerously barbaric and selfish a father can be to his children and the extent to which he would go to sacrifice and shatter the pristine innocence and peace of mind of his own little children by making them potential witnesses to celebrate falsehood, just to please his paymasters in the desperate effort to undo Rt. Hon. Ndudi Elumelu who in actual fact has never met the said Mr. Nnabuife Anthony Elue and the Wife not to talk of the Children.”

“ It also beats the imagination that Mr. Anthony Nnabuife Elue has chosen this time, 2019 to invoke the incidences, which occurred in 2012 and 2013, to drive his petition. The fact that he even got judgment from a court of law to spend time with his children in 2017 is clearly sufficient to dismiss his puerile petition outrightly.”

“One is therefore at a loss to fathom why Rt. Hon. Ndudi Elumelu has suddenly become so central to Mr. Anthony Nnabuife Elue’s petition after so many years since the events occurred and fortuitously at this time when he has been overwhelmingly reelected by his constituents to represent them again, in the Federal House of Representatives. The readily available conjecture would certainly be that there are certain interests who are still embittered over his triumph and are hell bent on impugning the reputation of the distinguished lawmaker, especially since he emerged victorious as the member-elect to represent Aniocha/Oshimili Federal Constituency at the Federal House of Representatives, 2019-2023.”

“following  the publication of this ill conceived, distasteful petition, several disturbing information about the state of mind of the petitioner has come to light, including the unsurprising revelation that  Mr. Anthony Nnabuife Elue is generally regarded as an unstable character, who has manifested traits of dementia and cannot for anything be taken serious. This is a man who, according to verifiable information, sometime last year, wrote to EFCC, asking them to arrest his own father, for robbing him of his inheritance.” 

“A number of close associates and family members, who volunteered information about him, confirmed that Mr. Nnabuife Anthony Elue is indeed a pugnacious and demented fellow, who suffers from an alarming level of irascible  inferiority complex, who often displays toxic and irrational suspicion of everybody and is said to have readily made himself available as a tool in the hand of political opponents who are bent on dragging the precious name and impeccable character of Rt. Hon. Ndudi Elumelu to the mud.”

“These forces of darkness and agents of wickedness apparently want to perpetuate themselves in power and deny the good people of Aniocha/Oshimili their right and desire for qualitative and dividend bringing Democratic representation which Rt. Hon. Ndudi Elumelu is already renowned for and is very much poised to deliver once again, so that the voice of Aniocha/Oshimili Federal constituency will be heard and will resonate loud and clear at the national stage.”

“There is no gainsaying the obvious fact that the evil plot being orchestrated by some incorrigible and bitterly undesirable elements and perpetrated through the selfish, blackmailing nefarious mindset of Mr. Anthony Nnabuife Elue, will fail woefully. Those who know Rt. Hon. Ndudi Elumelu will confirm that he is made of sterner stuff  and while he is fair, firm, just and humane in all his dealings, he will also stand gallantly, with legendary courage and fearless bravery to defend himself against any and every attempt to meddle with his reputation.”

“Mr. Anthony Nnebuife Elue is best advised in his own interest and for the sake of his children who are still too young to be thrust into this dirty, unnecessary and futile propaganda, to go and find a more decent, respectful and honourable way to settle his internal family problems and stop dragging Rt. Hon. Ndudi Elumelu into a matter he has no connection or motive to be involved in. “


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