Emir Of Fika Senior Aides In Court With Kaduna Mechanic Over Emir’s Car


An Upper Area Court in Kawo, Kaduna State, is hearing a case of assault brought to it by the Chief Driver to the Emir of Fika, His Royal Highness, Alhaji Muhammadu Abali Ibn Muhammadu Idriss, against a Kaduna based mechanic.

The chief driver, Alhaji Musa, popularly called Sarkin Mota, who called as his witnesses his Deputy, Malam Umar and one of the Emir’s orderlies, Saidu, is accusing the mechanic of assault and in the process broke his eyeglasses.

The mechanic, Malam Abdus Salaam, however, pleaded not guilty to the charges at the court on Monday, 05/06/2017.

Speaking to newsmen on the genesis of the case, Abdus Salaam said the matter was actually between him and a Potiskum based lawyer who brought him his car for repairs but refused to pay him his dues.

‘I reported the matter to our union in Kaduna’, according to the mechanic, further saying ‘the union confiscated the lawyer’s car pending his payment’.

However, the matter took a different turn when the Emir’s chief driver took up the case after threats by the debtor lawyer.

Abdus Salaam lamented that had he known that the car belonged to the Emir, he would not have reported to his union.

Abdus Salaam is from the Ngizm tribe who have been at loggerheads with the Emir’s tribe of Bolewa for decades. They were given an emirate by the government of Bukar Abba Ibrahim so as to bring peace to the tribes who both reside in Potiskum.

The case has been adjourned to the 5th of June 2017.


  1. Point of correction, The Emirate was not given but reinstated by Bukar Abba Ibrahim. The Ngizim had an Emir in Potiskum before the Coming of the British colonial masters who deposed him for their selfish gain.


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