Armed Men Snatch Car At Gun Point In Calabar

File photo: IGP addressing Police Officers and Men in Owerri, Imo State


Some dare devil armed robbers along 8 miles,  Calabar, intercepted a black Lexus jeep, snatched the vehicle from the owner and zoomed off.

The robbers numbering about five and fully armed monitored the victim from where he went to see his younger brother in a nearby street around Ekoson filling station along the highway snatching the car at gun point.

On sighting the Cross River State owned Homeland security checkpoint along the technical junction the robbers drove without the headlights on and managed to beat the checkpoint prompting suspicion from the security agents who gave them a hot chase.

The vehicle was however recovered along Ikot Effanga Mkpa, Old road after an eye witness said the robbers abandoned the car when it came to a halt after they had tried to avoid a head to head collision with a bus.

Meanwhile, the robbers in trying to hurry out of the vehicle to avert arrest left behind a mobile phone which the security agents have taken and deposited at the station.

At the time of filling this report the vehicle has been driven to the Ikot Omin police station while the owner who had immediately gone ahead to report the matter had been contacted.


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