OPINION BY CHRIS EMEJURU: A year To Forget A Future To Remember

Chris Emejuru


2017 has been a year of immense hardship. Everyday Nigerian citizens have witnessed disruption and deceit as those in position of power forget that responsibilities of the government lie with the people and not their own pockets. As arguments of deception blasted through media avenues, the people would bear the brunt of reality. A reality where decent healthcare is not accessible. A reality where students who have struggled to pay for education wind up destitute because teachers aren’t paid their salaries. A reality where there are women who have to sell themselves to make a living because there are no job opportunities available. A reality of a child who scavenges through a waste bin so that something can enter a stomach deprived of food. This is the reality. A reality with many other pressing issues, including the Power Sector, and problems we face. A reality that has given cause to my aspirations in pursuit for a better Nigeria and a better World. A Nigeria for all her citizens, and not just the few.
As I think about our Motto, “Faith,” “Peace,” “Unity,” and “Progress,” Have we truly lived up to its creed? Each has been received within the challenges of yesterday, but it is important to remember that all can be reconciled as we look to a new beginning. A beginning of a Future to remember, where every citizen has the opportunity to receive good healthcare, where a student can attend school and not have to worry about issues that interfere with learning, where a woman can feel confident in knowing that she can find work by selling her CV (Resume) and not herself, and a child who can sleep at night knowing where the next meal is coming from.
There are many issues, reasons why I will be running for the office of President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, and so I ask for your support so that together, we will reach our destination in Triumph.


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