Gov Badaru Upset Over Delays In Payment Of Gratuity, Death Benefits To Beneficiaries

Gov Badaru


The Jigawa State Government has explained why there are delays in the payment of its retirees and dead workers their benefits.

The payment, which was due in December last year was postponed to January this year as a result of the sudden death of its executive secretary.

Musa Muhammad Yalleman, acting Executive Secretary Jigawa Contributory Pension Scheme disclosed to journalists on Tuesday in Dutse, the state capital.

He said, the government has approved  the sum of N711,459,439. 86million to local and state government retirees and death persons as their gratuity and death benefits from the month of October to December last year.

The acting Executive Secretary stated that the total amount is meant for those who spent 35 years in service or attained 60 years of age, those who died in service and those who died receiving pension for not up to five years.

He explained that the payment is categorized into four in which the first category are those who retired from service either by reaching 60 years of age or served for a period of 35 years and they are 83 in number and are to receive N547,306,100.04.

While the second category are those who died in active service and  they are Fourty One (41) in number and their money has been given to their next of kins. They received N151,766,084.72

Mr Yalleman further stated that, the third category include those that died while receiving pensions for not up to a period of five years.

“We have to pay their outstanding balance to their next of kins and they are eleven (11) in numbers. They got, N12,133,074.95

He also said that, the last set of the beneficiaries is a refund of eight per cent contribution to those that contributed for not up to a period of five years as required by the law of Jigawa State and local government contributory pensions scheme, they are two (2) in numbers. They benefited N254,180.15.

He also stated that, “any beneficiaries that contributed for not up to a period of five years, his/her contribution should be refunded while his terminal benefits would be paid by the directory for salaries and pensions administration. No beneficiary is recorded under this category”

The acting Executive Secretary called on beneficiaries to disregard any third party outside the pension house that might request for money before processing their payment.

He warns that pension is a right not a privilege that every retired civil servant has the right to be paid his gratuity and monthly pension, as it being done in Jigawa State since the coming of Governor Mohammed Badaru Abubakar on board.

The board doesn’t hesitate in paying any beneficiary his or her entitlement if necessary processes were followed.

Late Suleiman Adamu Kiyawa was caught by a sudden death in December last year, while serving as the Executive Secretary Jigawa Contributory Pension Scheme.


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