Putin reaches out to Trump

President Vladimir Putin says Russia wants to normalise ties with the United States and join efforts in the fight against international “terrorism”. Continue reading Putin reaches out to Trump

OPINION BY FEMI FANI-KAYODE: Are Nigerians bewitched? Sad to see them suffering and smiling


There is a deep rage in me that rises by the day. When I hear the voices of the voiceless and I see the suffering of the despised and the oppressed in our land it wounds my soul.

When I hear the cries of the poor and those that have been reduced to eating one meal a day by a King and court that delights in spreading nothing but hardship and poverty it stirs my anger.

When I hear the wailing of mothers and fathers whose children, whether they be Shiite Muslims, Biafrans or northern Christians, have been butchered by the military or any of the other agents of our King and state, it kindles the spirit of the Man of War that resides in me.

When I see the tears of the mourners where entire communities have been subjected to genocide and where the weak, the vulnerable and the innocent have been slaughtered simply because of their ethnicity and faith it kindles a fire in my soul.

When I see the injustice and the wholesale persecution that is meted out to all those that dare to say “no more” and “enough is enough” to the tyranny of the tyrant I marvel at man’s inhumanity to man and the sheer depths of his cruelty.

Yet why bother feeling anything at all? Why cry more than the bereaved? Why should I care?What is the essence of writing poems in a nation that despises prose?

What is the point of lamenting about an evil regime before whom 90 per cent of the population that they torment cower, tremble and bow.

What is the point of risking life, liberty and limb for a docile and stoic people who are not prepared to stand up and fight for their own liberty and freedom and who have an obsessive aversion to opposition, activism and dissent.

Alas they do not possess the strength and power of the Vikings, the fighting spirit of the Spartans, the courageous soul of the Romans or the ferocius tenacity of the ancient Greeks.

They do not have the braveheart and decisiveness of the Zulu, the firm resolve and yearning for freedom of the American, the unconquerable resilience of the Russian, the gallantry of the French or the lion-heart of the British.

They do not share the passion and indomitable spirit of the sons of Israel, the courage of the Abyssinians, the pride of the Carthaginians or the decisive ruthlessness of the Hun.

Submission, conformity, timidity and a weak, debilitating and telling silence in the face of tyranny, persecution, incompetence and injustice has become the order of the day in our shores.

The more our government takes our people for granted, destroys their lives, sheds their blood, crushes their spirit, breaks their bones, shatters their dreams, drains and devalues their money, takes their jobs, violates their God-given and constitutionally-guaranteed rights and makes them suffer, the more they applaud them, cringe before them and smile.

What manner of “broom and change”-inflicted witchcraft is this? They say that it is only in hell that the suffering and afflicted worship and praise the one that torments them. Yet it happens in Nigeria as well.

Just look at our modern-day kings and rulers as they sit and feast in their opulent palaces of pomp and pageantry and their citadels of wickedness and darkness whilst hunger ravages the people and hardship pervades the land.

Their wealth is both obsessive and obscene and their tyranny and oppression has no limits or bounds. They are the darkness that seeks the darkness and cruelty is their plessure and delight.

They came from the second heaven and they are known as the Nephilim. Half human, half demon entities: hybrids whose life-force is satan and whose disposition and genetic make-up is reptilian.

They rule our nation with an iron fist: killing, maiming, robbing, destroying, detaining and shaming all those that dare to oppose them. Not even the women and children are safe from their wicked vice and relentless torment and perfidy.

Yet for the sake of our nation, our loved ones and our children, we that are strong must resist the harbingers of poverty, misery and suffering. We must reject the messangers of death and disease.

We must oppose the sons of perdition and the destroyers of our dreams and aspirations. We must fight the servants of the Baphomet, the children of the devil, the bondsmen of Lucifer and the seed of the Midianites and the Amalekites.

And in this battle we must not fear because the Lord is with us, victory is assured and I hear the sound of abundant rain. The Finger of God has been loosed. The Hosts of Heaven have been stirred.

The army of the Lord is on the march. The Ancient of Days has risen with a two-edged sword in his hand.

Behold He comes, riding on a cloud, shining like the sun, at the trumpet call. Lift up your voice, its the year of Jubilee, out of Zion’s hill salvation comes.

The Lion of the Tribe of Judah, the Defender of the Faithful and the Bright Morning Star rises and roars in His power and glorious splendour.

He is the Alpha and the Omega, the Rose of Sharon, the Lily of the Valley, the Creator of the Universe, the Beginning and the End before whom the stars, the sun, the moon and the entire firmament bow.

Regardless of the darkness and suffering that we see in the land today and the evil grip of the tyrant, for our nation, deliverance is at hand and salvation beckons.

Why? Because the Lord is our light and our salvation, whom shall we fear?

Why? Because He is mighty in battle and none can stand before Him.

Why? Because in the end He makes all things beautiful.

Why? Because He is the comforter of our souls, the father of the fatherless and the husband of the widow.

Why? Because regardless of the darkness of the night, joy comes in the morning.

Why? Because there is no God like Jehova. Why? Because He never forsakes His own. Why? Because no matter how long it takes light always dispels the darkness and good always prevails over evil.

Why? Because at the mention of His name all things visible and invisible and all that is tangible and intangible must stand to attention and bow.

Why? Because all tyrants die and meet a bitter end. If nothing else remember this: behold He comes, behold He comes, behold He comes.

And when He does, we shall rebuild and restructure our nation, end the suffering, take away the hunger, restore our economy, strengthen our borders, enhance our unity, recognise and honor our ethnic nationalities, bring self-respect and dignity to our people, guarantee our civl liberties, engender and defend our freedom and make Nigeria great again.

PDP urges the Judiciary to continue upholding the Rule of Law




*congratulates  Diri Adonye on victory at the Appeal Court



The leadership of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has congratulated Mr. Diri Adonye on his victory at the Appeal Court, Abuja Division on Thursday, December 01, 2016 that reversed the Ruling of the Election Petition Tribunal, and upheld his Election into the Opobo/Nkoro State Constituency of Rivers State. Continue reading PDP urges the Judiciary to continue upholding the Rule of Law

APC spokesmanship:Timi Frank threatens Bolaji Abdullahi with law suit 

By Chris Suleiman, Abuja
Following the outcome of the North-central zonal Congress of the ruling All Progressives Congress that produced the Minister oof Youth and Sports, Malam Bolaji Abdullahi as the substantive spokesman of the APC, a  Chieftain of the party and deputy Publicity Secretary of APC, Comrade Timi Frank has threatened to sue the new publicity secretary of the party, Bolaji Abdullahi for contempt if he ‘dare to issue any statement on behalf of the party.

Frank, who was pronounced ‘suspended’ by the South South zone of the party over an alleged disparaging statement against  the party and its National Chairman, John Oyegun has gone to court to challenge the purported suspension and the refusal of the party leadership to let him act as the National Publicity Secretary.

Speaking with newsmen on Friday in Abuja, Frank described the zonal convention of the North Central zone as meeting of North Central friends of APC saying non of the decisions taken there will stand the test of time. 
“Another act of impunity has been executed once more by my party and the National Chairman. Those people behind what took place yesterday know the truth, they know what they did yesterday will not stand the test of time. 

“I can assure you, Oyegun cannot retire me from politics. He’s my father, he’ll go before me.

“I described what they did yesterday as committee of friends of the North Central, Bolaji Abdulahi is not yet the publicity of APC, he’s a nominee till the National Convention ratify his position. 

I respect Bolaji so much but we should not be desperate to occupy political position. 

It is only the National Convention that can ratify his position as substantive National Publicity Secretary.
I’ll fight and resist my position because I’ll not allow anyone to rubbish me.
The manner of fund they used to call for the zonal convention yesterday. No meeting was held by any caucus of the party. 
I read online that my Chairman compromised his conscience. 
We have to investigate the allegation that Oyegun collected 10 million and Prado jeep to conduct the zonal convention held yesterday. 
The President must direct security agencies to investigate this allegation against the National Chairman. 
I want to appeal to the media not to take any statement yet from Bolaji Abdullahi because his position has not been ratify by National Convention. If he does, i’ll charge him for contempt of court. 

​Governor Ugwuanyi excited by NPFL Super4 in Enugu

Government of Enugu State has assured football fans and the League Management Company (LMC) of a successful hosting of the first ever Nigeria Professional Football League (NPFL) Super4 tournament which holds at the Nnamdi Azikiwe Stadium from December 7-11. Continue reading ​Governor Ugwuanyi excited by NPFL Super4 in Enugu

Army seeks private sector support for troops in war front

Chief of the Army Staff, Lieutenant-General Tukur Buratai has called on Nigerians to support the Nigerian Army initiative tagged “Thank You for Your Service, a  programme conceived by the Army to galvanise civilian citizens support for soldiers fighting different insurrections around the country.
Buratai said, the programme was part of  efforts to boost the morale of soldiers  of the Nigerian Army in different war zones, adding that the initiative was 100% brain-child of the Nigerian Army, but would be solely run by  private individuals.
Speaking in a press conference held at the Nigerian Army Resources Centre Abuja on Thursday, the representative of the Chief of Army Staff,  Chief of Civil Military Affairs, Maj-Gen Peter Bojei explained that “while the Nigerian Army conceived this initiative,it will be a 100% private sector driven initiative, championed by the Nigerian people as it is in other parts of the world.
He added that “the first scheme under this initiative is the water project. The aim is to produce bottled water with a message reading ‘thank you for your service’ this water is not for sale as it is meant for every Nigerian soldier, especially those at the frontline.
Buratai appreciate the support of the private sector towards the rebuilding process of the North-eastern region and the rehabilitation of the internally displaced persons, but stressed the need to appreciate the Nigerian Army whose effort is pivotal to the rebuilding process.
He said the initiative depend largely on the level of commitment of the  private sectors, thereby called on other spirited well-meaning Nigerians, corporate organisations, state governments, groups and other well meaning philanthropists in the country to support this initiative, which is a global practice.
Men and officers of the Nigerian Army are fighting different insurrections across the country under different operational code name such as; Operation Crocodile smile, Operation Save Haven, Operation Python Dance, Operation Rawan Daji, Operation Delta save, Operation Lafiya Dole. And the support and appreciation of the parivate citizens would go a long way to encourage the fighting troops.

​Kakuri residents commend KAPWA for construction of DIC Road

The residents  of Kakuri of Kaduna South local government area in Kaduna State has commend the company handling the construction of DIC road  Kaduna State Public Works Agency (KAPWA) for taken over the abandoned project by the previous administration. 
The secretary of the All Progressive Congress in the ward Alhaji Umar Lawal said with the importance of the Kakuri in the state as the biggest industrial area not only in Kaduna State but in the entire north at large, the previous government neglected the area which is once as the home of all textiles industries. 
“Severally we have complained to previous Government about this road due to it importance in the state, but nothing has been done about it. But I was surprised and happy to see KAPWA in the site. 
“On behalf of the youth and people of Kakuri, we wish to thank His Excellency Malam Nasiru Elrufai the Kaduna State governor for appointing serious persons especially Malam Hayatundden Lawal Makarfi as one of those who head KAPWA. 
Also in a separate interview with the Sectary of Kakuri Developments area Mohammed Rabiu called on KAPWA to build drainages along the on going construct work in other to make the work more qualitative. 
Malam Mohammed Ishaq who is the Chairman of Islamic Scholars in the area,  called on the people in the area and the state to support present administration of Governor Nasir Elrufai for the developmental project is going on now in the state. He also advised Kaduna State Public Works Agency  (KAPWA) to continue with the good works.

Amaechi-Police rigging tape: APC alleges plot to pull down Buhari’s administration, weaken APC


The Rivers State Chapter of the All Progressives Congress (APC) has alleged a plot by the opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) to pull down the President Muhammadu Buhari Administration and weaken the ruling APC.

The party, in a statement issued on Thursday in Port Harcourt, fingered the State Chapter of PDP and Governor Nyesom Wike as leaders of the plot using their unrelenting campaign against the Minister of Transportation, Rt. Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi, as a ploy.

The statement signed by Rivers APC Chairman, Chief (Dr.) Davies Ibiamu Ikanya, disclosed that, in the latest manifestation of the plot, Wike and the Rivers State Government paid a whopping $1.5m to a movie producer to produce and syndicate fabricated video clips on how Amaechi and the Rivers

Commissioner of Police purportedly plan to rig the December 10 rerun legislative elections in the state. The party said that such a rigging plot exists only in the demented mind of Wike and other Rivers PDP leaders.

It described the desperation of the factionalised PDP to demonise and bring down Amaechi as callous, vindictive, wicked, diversionary and betraying the party’s morbid fear of Amaechi. “Most importantly, this is one of the ploys by corrupt PDP and enemies of President Buhari to undermine his Administration while also weakening and destroying APC before the 2019 general elections,” Rivers APC said.

According to the party, “To achieve this sinister agenda against Buhari and APC, Wike, Delta Governor Ifeanyi Okowa, Senate Minority Leader Akpabio, and their collaborators have collaborated in sponsoring various attacks and casting aspersion on the person and integrity of Amaechi to ensure that he does not play a pivotal role in the 2019 general elections.

“We are also aware of the fact that Wike and PDP are desperate to pull down Amaechi so to ensure that our expected impact during the forthcoming Rivers rerun legislative elections is reduced to the barest minimum. The third reason is that by reducing the influence of Amaechi and ridiculing him, the target of destroying APC and the Presidency of Buhari would be easily achieved.”

Continuing, Rivers APC said: “This latest plot after all the past failed attempts to destroy, diminish and tarnish the image of Amaechi, the Rivers State Police Commissioner, INEC and APC as a party is to demonstrate how Wike and PDP are not ready for this rerun election and have to resort to blackmail as a way of escape for the defeat that awaits him and his party come December 10.

“This latest plot hatched in Wike’s office at the Rivers State Government House was to contract a popular movie producer in the Nollywood industry to assemble different clips of the Transport Minister at different times saying things as someone negotiating a price with some people. The idea was to project the Minister where he was asking the Judges to pervert justice.

But that was later abandoned when the affected Judges were contacted. The two embattled Supreme Court Judges were said to vehemently opposed the idea as that may backfire on them, considering that they should have long submitted the video evidence to the former CJN or the DSS in order to prove their innocence. Having backtracked on that plan, the governor’s hatchet men and spin doctors who were worried that they may be asked to refund the money approved to them for the purpose then suggested the idea of implicating the State Commissioner of Police, Francis Odesanya, and the top echelon of the Police in the state.

“The video of a meeting between party Chieftains of APC will be aired with someone speaking in the CP’s voice, purportedly showing them discussing plans on how to rig the forthcoming rerun elections. We wish to alert the general public to watch out as a concocted video clip aimed at throwing mud at the Police boss in Rivers State is set to be uploaded on different platforms including YouTube. Let us reiterate that these unwarranted satanic attacks by PDP and their agents are an exercise in futility as we have explicit confidence in Amaechi and his efforts to assist to move our party and nation forward.”

Rivers APC advised Nigerians to be on the lookout “for more manifestations of the plot against a man whose main sin is removing PDP from power and contributing towards the realisation of the Buhari Presidency.” The party thanked President Buhari for seeing through the plot by Wike and PDP and continuing to repose confidence in Amaechi.

“Wike and PDP should be ashamed of themselves. Let them leave Amaechi alone and concentrate their efforts of rescuing their drowning party as APC and, indeed Nigerians, wish to have a virile opposition – not one which is perpetually factionalised and relentlessly pursuing doomed plots against a man whose destiny they can never alter,” the statement said.

I remain APC spokesman until court states otherwise – Timi Frank



By Chris Suleiman, Abuja

The acting National Publicity Secretary of the All Progressives Congress (APC)  Comrade Timi Frank, said that he is still the authentic spokesman of the party and not former Sports Minister Bolaji Abdullahi.
Continue reading I remain APC spokesman until court states otherwise – Timi Frank

Bolaji Abdullahi replaces Lai Mohammed as APC Publicity Secretary

​*no plans to defect to mega party – Lalong

By Chris Suleiman, Abuja
THE All Progressives Congress (APC) Thursday elected new executives to occupy the positions of the National Publicity Secretary, Deputy National Treasurer, Zonal Secretary (North Central) and Zonal Organizing Secretary (North Central) in a mini congress organized by the APC North Central Zonal in Abuja.
During the Congress, Bolaji Abdulahi was elected unopposed as the New National Publicity Secretary replacing Lai Mohammed now  Minister of Information and National Orientation. Mohammed Zakari was elected Deputy National Treasurer replacing Abubakar Lado now member of the House of Representatives.
Other elected officers are Zakari Mohammed, Zonal Secretary and Abdul Magun Ibrahim, Zonal Organising Secretary.
In his keynote address, the governor of Plateau State Solomin Lalung debunked insinuations that governors from the zone are in talks to defect to the much orchestrated mega party, stressing that the North Central was the only zone that elected APC in all the states, saying that the zone deserve a larger chunk of Presidential appointments in appreciation of the commitment of the zone.
“As far as I know, if there is any zone that is supposed to serve as a model in this movement, it is the North Central. We should get the highest percentage that should go to any zone with the highest vote.
“We shall remain very faithful to the APC. I hear some people saying that there are plans to form a mega party but I want to state that for the North Central governors, nobody is thinking of any mega party. If they come to you, tell them that you are for APC” Lalong said.
The Plateau governor pledge to confer with other governors from the zone to address some of the challenges affecting the activities of the party in the zone including office accommodation rent arrears and staff salary.
The Vice Chairman, North Central, Hon. Zakari Idde stated that the mini convention was to adopt the earlier decisions of the zone that “in the spirit of equitable spread and distribution of part positions across the zones, the position of the National Publicity Secretary and National Deputy Treasurer will go to Kwara and Niger States respectively while the Zonal Secretary and Zonal Organising Secretary were zoned to Plateau and Niger State respectively.”
In their acceptance speech, Bolaji Abdulahi who spoke on behalf of other elected officers thanked the party for the confidence reposed on them and pledged to work with the party to move the country out of its present predicament.
“I want to assure you that we shall do all in our capacity to continue to strengthen the party. We know that if we continue to engage the people of Nigeria in all humility, they will continue to stand with us even in the midst of this difficult time.”
The mini convention was attended by the Senate President Bukola Saraki who was represented by Senator Rafiu Ibrahim, Niger State governor Sani Bello, Edward Onoja who represented Kogi State governor Yahaya Bello, Tanomb Sawal who represented Benue State governor, Abu Zari Ribaldu who represented the FCT Minister Mohammed Bello and representatives from the APC National Secretariat.

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