Kidnapping Of Chibok Girls Stage-Managed – Prof Dikwa

Khalifa Dikwa a professor of Linguistic, an ardent supporter of the All Progressive Congress  (APC) has said that, the Kidnapping of Chibok Girls was a scam, stressing, that the conspiracy was stage-managed by people who are within the cronies of power under Dr. Goodluck Jonathan.
Dikwa, who was reacting on a Radio Program ‘Democratic Soap Box’ on Invicta FM 98.9 said, ’’all Institutions at that time were closed and they opened that institution for them alone, they were deceived in setting exams for them that was conspired by people who were within the corridors of power to cripple Jonathan.
“Why was it that, only the Chibok Girls had exams set for them apart from other schools. Chibok has only one major road, and these boys drove into the town shooting sporadically at the people, they got to the Chibok Girls and assured them they are going to take them to a safe place. They entered the buses, came with more buses as it was not enough, they moved into the town to get additional 911 buses and took them away, even if it was 200 Water melons ferried away, it is enough to draw the attention of the security agencies. How coms they took them away without anybody intercepting them?’’ He queried.
According to him: ’’The whole thing was a conspiracy looking at the unfolding event that led to their kidnapping; this was done in order to draw the attention of the world and ensure Jonathan was out of power, prior to that, thousands of married women were also abducted’.
“It was unfortunate that Jonathan was not sensitive enough to realise that he was surrounded by negative cabals, until when he stepped out he started reasoning well, adding, same thing is happening with President Buhari now until he is out of the country he reasons well.’’
Dikwa added. “This entire people are cultists, but they pretend to us on Friday they will be in the mosque and also be in the church during Sunday’s service but they are cultists. What is the connection between cultists and religion? Look at the change mantra as soon as it came all this ritual killings have diminished even though they are still going on in some places but not pervasive as before.
”The establishment that makes most of these politicians is corrupt; they have no sympathy, they don’t do things with God for the good of the common man,” he added.
Dikwa  however added that “These set of people feel they own the world; they can deceived us as long as they want but prayers of the common masses have defeated them.”


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