We Will Fight el-Rufai To A Standstill, APC Vows


*passes vote of no confidence

A faction of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Kaduna, known as APC-AKIDA, has vowed to fight the Kaduna State Governor, Malam Nasir El-rufai to the finish over his anti peoples policies that has brought hardship.
The party during a press conference on Monday, also passed a vote of no confidence on the man they described as a liar and having no regard and respect for institutions and citizens in the state.
Chairman of the group, Tom Maiyashi, added that “change project has only succeeded in producing a mega wrecking machine that has destroyed the Integrity of our party, and taken all of us to the slaughter lab.”
He accused the governor, of deliberately planning to destroy the peace the state currently enjoys by sacking 4,453 traditional rulers.
“This assault on traditional institutions taking together with many of the antae people policies of the administration are capable of throwing the state into another round of crisis that spiral into unimaginable destruction of community cohesion.
“The process for evolution of this policy defies all logic and common sense . There are a number of fundamental questions begging for answers; is it reasonable to sacrifice community peace and harmony simply on the feeble reason of wage bill?
“When our respected Royal Fathers were consulted what were expected to do; say no to fait accompli? And could it not have been wiser to subject the so called ¬†restructuring report to public debate and analysis before a final decision taken? He asked.
“The basic difference that an APC government should have distinguished itself from the past should be its attitude to the promotion of the dignity and welfare of workers, peasants, the youth, women and the less privileged in the society.
“Two years down the line, our people have only witnessed greater hardships, dehumanization and complete disregard to basic sense of humanity.”


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