Successful Campaign Against Maternal, Child Mortality Requires Budgetline For Monitoring, Evaluation –  NURHI

NURHI Kaduna Team Leader, Kabir Abdullahi anchoring at a technical session of the workshop.

The campaign against maternal and child mortality cannot be successful with only the provision of a budget line for consumables alone, but requires other budgets for training and information dissemination.

Kaduna State Team Leader, Nigerian Urban Reproductive Health Initiatives (NURHI), Kabiru Abdullahi brought this to the fore, while anchoring a technical session of the Step-down Training on Budget Monitoring, Analysis and Scorecard System in  Kaduna on Wednesday.

He said there is need for budgetline for service delivery and monitoring to ensure success of the campaign.

“The drugs cannot be prescribed for themselves or delivered by themselves. You need skilled personnel to do that.

“We are lacking in skills and services, and we are also lacking in information dissemination.

” For consumables we have resources, drugs come from the Federal Government. If you have logistics funding, you will be able to monitor well and draw more resources.

“But if your record is poor, you can’t get more, you will only get less,” he said.

Abdullahi lamented that only one third of health facilities are provided with child spacing facilities in Kaduna State.

“There is need to have a budgetline for logistics, training and other essential in the SPCHDA, to help in making child spacing successful.

“Health is a specialized field, if you don’t follow up on your funding, someone else would utilize it,” he said.

He said that it was not clear if there there was a budgetline in SPCHDA to supervise.

Meanwhile,  the session  which is ongoing  in two groups,  would  be debating if a fresh  Budgetline  would  be created,  or the old Budgetline  redefined to capture Monitoring  and evaluation as well as the consumables.


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