Tragedy Strikes Benue Community: Two Dead, Property Consumed As Tanker Loaded With Fuel Crashes (Graphic Images)

The tanker on fire.


Tragedy struck sleepy Benue community of Gbatse, Mbaibom in Ushongo Local Government Area early Saturday morning as trailer loaded with fuel crashed, subsequently leading to a fire that resulted in loss of not fewer than two lives, with houses and other property burnt

Eyewitnesses informed AUTHENTIC News Daily that the tanker loaded with fuel along Adikpo Katsina ala road had an accident at Gbatse in Mbaibom.

“The leaking fuel from the tanker attracted the presence of most people who were around the scene.

“All of a sudden the Tanker caught fire which the people whom were there at the instant time could not really ascertain the cause of the fire,” the eyewitness informed.

There are conflicting reasons to why the fire was ignited as different people gave different versions of how the fire might have come.

Some said it came from the police officer who shot in the air from a far distance to scare people so as not to get away with fuel.

Some said a police man struck something on the body of the tanker.

According to some others, the fire came from those who were using stainless plates to scoop the fuel as a result of the friction between the stainless material and the tarred road which could produce sparks.

No fewer than two houses close to the road side were razed down by the fire.

Also, not less than two persons where burnt beyond recognition why not less than 20 people sustained severe burns and are currently receiving treatment in most hospitals in Ushongo town.

The people who sustained burns range from those who came to pack the fuel, passerby’s who were pulled by the fire and also those living around the area.

One of the charred remains of a yet to be identified victim burnt beyobg physical recognition.


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