Little Scholars Win TEWORH Centre Fighting Drugs Abuse Schools Sports

A staff of TEWORH Centre, presenting medal to one of the winners.


By KATO P. LADAN,  Kaduna

Little Scholars  Academy have emerged of the TEWORH Sports and Skills  Centre Fight Against Drug Abuse  Sports  Competition.

They garnered seven gold,  two silver  and one bronze  to win the one day competition  held at the Murtala Square,  Kaduna  on Saturday.

Vicoyebil Unique Schools  who  finished  second with   five  gold,  two silver and one bronze medals.

Third  position  went  to Almanar Academy with three gold,  six silver  and four  bronze  medals.

Albidayatu Jameelah Schools  claimed the  fourth  spot on the medals table with two gold,  six silver and three bronze medals.

Marafa Comprehensive Schools placed fifth  with two gold,  four silver and three bronze  medals.

Trillion  Montessori School  settled for the sixth position with six silver and three bronze  medals.

The football  competition  which was keenly  contested  was won by Little Scholars  Academy,  with Vocoyebil Unique picking the silver.

In the male badminton  event,  Vicoyebil picked the gold,  while  Little Scholars  and Almanar Academy  settled  for silver  and bronze  respectively.

The female badminton  event saw Little Scholars  picking the gold,  while  Almanar  Academy claimed  silver.

In the relay  girls event,  Little  Scholars  stole the gold,  Marafa and  Vicoyebil  settled  for silver and bronze respectively.

The male relay race saw Vicoyebil lift gold,  Little Scholars  silver and Maraca,  bronze.


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