Open Letter To Buhari On Continuous Persecution Of Dr. Abdulrasheed Maina After Helping Recover N1.3t

Abdulrasheed Maina

It is our wish that every well-meaning Nigerian will join us in asking why is citizen Maina being victimized and persecuted after serving the Federal Government meritoriously in various capacities? In executing the assignment given to him by the Jonathan Administration as Chairman, Pension Reform Task Team (PRTT), several achievements and recoveries were made amounting to over N1.6Trillion, IN BOTH CASH AND ASSET, as well as conviction of high profile pension thieves.

The reward he got after successfully recovering such funds, was a phantom allegation of mismanagement of non-existent N195Billion by the 7th Senate, an allegation that has been recanted by Sen. Kabiru Gaya, who was the Co-Chairman of the Senate Joint Committee on Establishment and Public Services and States and Local Government Administrations. The Senator had accused Maina in 2012, but in 2016, he indicated that the alleged N195bn, was actually intact in the Treasury Single Account of this Government.

When President Muhammadu Buhari was elected, The Legislative Watch, a non for profit civic society Organization, wrote as well as addressed a press conference in 2015, stating the determination and willingness of Maina in or out of Government to assist in the anti-corruption effort of the in-coming Buhari Administration.

True to our claims, after an initial January, 2016 meeting between Maina , the Attorney-General of the Federation and Minister of Justice (AGF), and the National Security Adviser (NSA), which took place in Dubai, United Arab Emirate, that which culminated into yet another meeting in 2017, involving the Director-General, Directorate of State Services (DSS) in attendance, Maina provided an introductory intelligence which led to the recovery of the over =N=1.3Trillion Naira, by the Buhari Government under the whistle blower policy. This fact has been authenticated by the AGF and Minister of Justice during his separate appearances before the Senate and House of Representatives Committees investigating the re-instatement of Maina by the Federal Civil Service Commission. All the relevant agencies of Government charged with the responsibility of appointments, discipline and promotion all followed due process and the rule of law to reinstate Maina. From the several submissions made to the National Assembly by relevant agencies, Maina deserves more than a hero’s welcome, as no civil servant in the history of Nigeria has done what Maina did in terms of recovery of asset and funds for this country. He paid his dues in the fight against corruption.

The question that becloud well-meaning and reasoning Nigerians, now, is why would President Buhari, in October, 2017, verbally order his disengagement from service after succumbing to political pressure from the same thieves that Maina caused their arrest, without following due process and without a letter from the presidency to that effect.

We have patiently waited for formal communication on reason(s) for his disengagement but to no avail. Who is afraid of citizen Maina? If Mr. President is actually fighting corruption, should he disengage a civil servant who has volunteered useful information that has led to recovery of over =N=1.3 Trillion? We strongly believe that some vested interests bent on sabotaging the fight against corruption are behind Maina’s travails. We urge the Federal Government to follow rule of law and recall Maina so that he can help to recover over N3 Trillion still missing for the benefit of suffering Nigerians.

The continued persecution of Maina is a big minus to the present administration whose cardinal objective is fight against corruption. Well -meaning Nigerians from different affiliations, associations, groups and supporters of the Buhari Government are watching with keen interest to see whether due process and rule of law will be adhered to in this all important issue of National interest.

Maina remains an asset to this administration as testified by the AGF before the National Assembly. Mr. President should act now! While efforts are geared towards ensuring that corruption is eradicated, individuals and groups who identify and made giant strides with such fight, should be protected and their rights respected.

Lest we forget, Maina only acted as Chairman of Pension Reform Task Team whose membership was drawn from the EFCC, ICPC, DSS, NIA, Customs, Immigration, Police, Prisons Service, AGF, AuGF, PCC among others? If anything went wrong with the assignment given to the Pension Team, then why was Maina singled out? Nigerians should carefully look inwards to see the dots.

What happened to the other members of the team from all the aforementioned Agencies? NOTHING. In fact all the other members have not only been working, but promoted. Vested interest groups who spend hundreds of millions of Naira, on some of the corruption ridden Media houses to paint Abdulrasheed a monster, are the same cycle of people pilfering this Nations treasury to date.

Why can’t the fake news media and black journalists reveal the whereabouts of other members of the team and why are they not being persecuted like Maina? Justice demands that Maina should enjoy the benefit of several judicial rulings (RULE OF LAW SHOULD BE ADHERED TO) in his favor by being allowed to continue serving Nigerians especially in the fight against corruption. Not a single Naira was ever given to the task force headed by Maina to work with, so why is he being persecuted?

Mr. President Sir, please stand by your campaign promises and protect citizens who identify with your cause of making this country great again. Our Organization and allies have taken up this cause for the good of this country and we intend to take this forward, until justice is seen to be done.

Executive Secretary,
Legislative Watch.


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