Millions of Shi’ites Will Vote Against Buhari, el-Rufai, Zakzaky’s Only Surviving Son Vows

Sheikh Zakzaky

The millions of members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN) will vote in the 2019 general elections and ensure that the administration of President Muhammad Buhari and that if Governor Nadir el-Rufai of Kaduna State are voted out.
Only surviving son of leader of IMN, Sheikh Ibraheem  Zakzaky’, Mohammed, expressed this in an opinion made available to our correspondent.
He said that the only way both leaders can win the coming polls is if they attempt to rig, because all odds are against them.
Below is full excerpts of Mohammed’s comment on the polls and other issues:
“Two years ago I responded to a statement by a sitting governor who was not just involved in the crime of vandalism, treachery, murder and genocide; but was shamelessly claiming credit for it all. 
“My goal was to emphasize the need for everyone who happens to be a Nigerian to understand the small measure of power we possess. Yes it may seem small at first glance, but it is anything but insignificant. 
“A single human being with a single broomstick in hand may break it if he wishes to do so. At that singular point that person is the master of that single strand of a broomstick. He may snap it if he chooses. God almighty has seen fit to bless humans with fingers and two opposable thumbs on each hand; so that breaking a single broomstick is well within what can be achieved with minimum effort. 
 “This is the power we have, this is the power we wield, this the power at our disposal, it is God given and it is absolutely undeniable. 
“All who happen to be human beings wield the power of Choice; all of mankind can always choose. The power of choice is the greatest gift that we have. It is also the one that all tyrants including Satan himself; always try to take away. 
“The most effective way of doing that is to cause harm by any means available, only to then offer relief in return for surrendering our power of Choice. Because if you don’t surrender your right to make a choice you’ll be shot, your home will be destroyed, your family will be murdered, whatever is connected to you will be demolished, excavated and erased.
“It is hard to stand up to such threats, especially when they are proven to be not only practical but realistic. 
“I promised to vote against that man, and all his kind who have betrayed everyone as soon as they got the chance to do so. And God willing if I am alive and well that is what I intend to do, I will not be alone. 
“When I stated my intention to vote; these estimable candidates where still busy wreaking havoc across the land. Now that the elections are only a few days away, and their cause to beguile and betray the people one more time is clearly lost, they are beginning to realize that they themselves are lost. 
“They are scrambling to create lies in order to introduce Chaos. So they can keep it up in their ways.
“You see, becoming a traitor is not really a smart thing to do, because before you betray anyone you have to betray yourself first. Even if a traitor doesn’t realize it, the simple truth is that treachery is a cannibal. It was the people of Nigeria who raised these traitors to power. 
“I am just one among millions of them, so my contribution was not insignificant. It was a huge collection of people choosing to trust these guys that made it possible for them to sit their wrinkled bottoms on seats of power. 
“Now they believe that they can do whatever they want. We looked in silence as fingers of the dead were cut to remove rings from the bodies of the dead. How can you blame them, they are after all traitors, they can’t see past the guilt of treachery that they have inflicted upon themselves.
“It may seem ridiculous; but from where I’m standing the simple truth is that in a free and fair election, the frail husk of Her General Muhammadu Buhari and the demolition expert Nasiru El-Rufai cannot win. 
“For a long list of reasons that if I where to start to mention them it would probably take me years to write and at least a few days for you to read them all. Yes I will go to the polls to vote against them; I also believe that even if Mohammed Ibraheem Zakzaky ends up tied up or dead on the day, Buhari and El-Rufai cannot win fair and square in the elections. 
“This is what I believe, I could be wrong. After all I’m only just human.I am now going to say something that I cannot possibly be wrong about, the only way traitors can improve their odds is to use the fear of violence, mayhem and death to help; in their quest to achieve Chaos. 
“They don’t seem to like the odds of a free and fair election. So they think it will help them to continue in their ways to just threaten, kill, kidnap and torture more people so they can continue to the ‘Next Level.’ Official papers have been circulating with increasing regularity that there will be ‘Shiite’.”
“Attacks’ at polling units. The first time I heard that my thought was: ‘where did that come from?’ 
“Now I know. For Buhari and Nasiru to improve their odds of winning an election they need to create Chaos. They need to kill more, they need to destroy more, they need more ‘Chaos’ than they have sowed and reaped in the past 4 years. 
“They need to beguile and intimidate us to the point that we will be too scared to even look at our PVCs come that day. And if that works then they will begin to unload the rest of the package to sow more chaos.
“They have done their homework quite well, so well in fact that they have the boldness to say that ‘Shiites will attack’ during the elections. 
“Having betrayed themselves to become what they are now; I can only imagine what goes through their overburdened minds.
“The Shiites are not a tribe, so the genocide model cannot work here, it didn’t work before it will not work now or ever. There will be no attacks during the election because only a desperate traitor needs violence and chaos to maintain a status quo of their personal comfort, at the expense of everyone and anything else. 
“No sane human being will help you in your quest to sow more Chaos in the land. We have had quiet enough for now; and enough is enough.”


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