Researchers Give Conditions For Nigeria’s Development



Researchers have warned that there will be no meaningful development in Nigeria without research works in the various disciplines of human endeavors.

The researchers said if Nigeria must make progress and develope,its people must embark on researches.

The researchers said at the moment, Nigeria as a nation does not produce anything but she is only contented with the consumption of imported products/goods into the economy.

The researchers noted that the already research works are not being implemented by the relevant authorities.

The researchers which comprises, Dr. Ovie Ovedje(Agriculturist), Dr. Fred Atigbi (Economist), L.E.Akpede (Environmentalist) and Emiaso D, said Nigeria must embark on research if it must grow and develop.

They insisted that the research findings must be implemented for the improvement of the economy and betterment of the society.

In a remark, Dr. Fred Atigbi insisted that,”There will be no meaningful development without research.Everybody can carryout research as a means of providing income for themselves.”
Dr. Ovie Ovedje said,”Do research. Don’t always accept things they way they are.”
Emiaso.D said, “If we must make progress, we must embark on research and implement them.”

Akpede.L.E. who also spoke on Tue matter said,”We should all have interests in research. Develop interests in research. Exporting through the instrument of research, the economy will improve.”

The researchers spoke at the the 1st Innovative Inaugural Public Lecture on Practitioner Research and the Official unveiling of Absrelis Practitioner Research Courses and Website held at Science Lecture theatre, Delsu Weekend Programme Unit, behind the Department of Business Education, the College of Education.

Meanwhile, Popular Warri based lawyer, Prof. Omonigho Teddy Idiabeta has officially unveiled Abreslis University in the City of Warri, Delta Delta State.

In a remark, Prof. Idiabeta said the University is not a degree awarding institutuion stressing, “It is a not for profit school.”

He said the university which is online only trains and award “Profiency Certificates” on practitioner research to deserving individuals, corporate and faith based organizations amongst others.

Prof. Idiabeta noted that the University training programmes which is free includes, Advanced innovative research and research innovations for young researchers.

He said the idea is to create jobs for and make them self reliant.

“Absrelis University is not a Nigerian University Commission, NUC University and cannot be regulated by NUC. Abreslis Versity is a school where we train and award proficiency certificates on research to deserving individuals.”

High point if the event was the final professorial oath taking ceremony by Prof. Omonigho Teddy Idiabeta.


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