Nigeria Can Do Better Than Israel In Agriculture With Govt Support – NIAA West Africa Expo Organisers

NUJ Chairman, Comrade ADAMU Yusuf (right) with the OPM CEMS Nigeria, Yekeen Kazeem during press briefing by the firm at Kaduna NUJ Secretariat on Tuesday April 30, 2019.

By KATO P. LADAN, Kaduna

With adequate government support, agriculture in Nigeria will be at oar or even surpass that of Israel, in view of the available huge potentials that can ensure food security in the country.

Yekeen Kazeem of OPM CEMS Nigeria, organisers of the second edition of Nigeria International Agro Expo Inputs and Equipment Exhibition (NIAA West Africa Expo 2019, expressed this at a press briefing held st the Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ) Kaduna State Secretariat on Tuesday April 30, 2019.

He said that the difference between Nigeria and Israel output in Agriculture is government support.
“The potentials are the same but government support in Israel makes its out put better,” he said.

Speaking further, he said that  lots of Nigerian made equipment are good innovations and will be on display at the exhibition.
“People have not seen some simple equipment like maize planter, which you use easily as if playing on farm. We need government support to grow and improve on such innovations,” he added.

Commenting on expected number of foreign participants at the exhibition, he said insecurity will affect visitors.
“This year unlike last year, only few foreigners are coming. We are expecting like 25 to 30 foreigners from 10 countries. When they come this time and see changes, we are hoping next year there will be more” he added.

On why they chose to hold the exhibition in the Nirth, he said that their decision was informed as a result of necessity.

“Lots of exhibition taking place in Nigeria mostly in south, especially Lagos.

“Our main aim is to concentrate on North and entire sub Saharan Africa. We see Kano as a gateway to sub Saharan Africa,” he added.

He said the primary aim of the NIAA West Africa Expo is to showcase and promote modern agricultural technologies, disseminate the most advanced agricultural experiences, as well as enable agricultural complex executives and officials to discuss relevant issues associated with ongoing growth and development and investment in Northern Nigeria.

The NIAA West Africa Expo is billed for the commercial city of Kano from October 15 to 17th, with a theme, ‘ Showcasing Latest Technologies In Agro Inputs and Equipment Towards Food Security’. 


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