Couple Cheats Death As Explosion Goes Off Near Police Station



There’s was serious tension on Monday in Warri South Local Government Area of Delta State as a cooking gas cylinder exploded injuring a man simply identified as Philip and his wife just as it destroyed property worth millions of Naira at a residence besides the “B” Division Police Station.
Details are still sketchy as to what may have caused the gas explosion which occurred at about 1pm.

Comrrade Ogboru Henry, popularly known as Japan. Member of the Man O’ War. The eyewitness Who was at the seen said “I came purposely to see the DPO B. Division to remind him of our Man O’ War camp, State Camp that will be taking place tomorrow at Owangue college.  That he has to come and lecture us tomorrow

“Immediately I came out I was talking with one of the police officers, Officer  Felix, one of the journalists and one other person immediately we just heard a sound Boom! From two buildings in front of us.”

“Some people said it was a gas explosion, that  aside because of the gravity of the situation there, we try to rescue the victims we find out they were still alive by God grace”. 

“You saw that the building was scartered and we were afraid they would have been crushed by the Brigs. Fortunately for them they were not crushed by the brigs, but we saw that they were ceiviely burnt so we have to act as fast as we can to rush them since we had our patrol vehicle on ground..”

“When we get to the general hospital we were ask to pay some money which I and my colleagues tax ourselves and we pay Eight thousand (#8,000) and something naira for them to start treatment as quick as possible. Like you know when you go to hospital you need to pay for Hospital bill.”

“We don’t know what is going on there now. But we left there because we have to go for another duty. But by God grace I know they will recover in due time. They were going through strong pains the man was talking and the woman was not even talking but she was awake”. 

The collapsed building trapped the injured Philip, a Security guard with one of the banks with his wife as they begged for help while the fire rages.
The couple were later seen naked, an indication that they were having a showdown in a photograph obtained by Our Correspondent when the incident occurred.

It took the swift intervention of Officials of  the Delta State Fire Service to quench the raging fire and save it from spreading.

When contacted, the Delta State Commissioner of Police, CP Adeyinka Adeleke in a telephone chat with Our Correspondent confirmed the report.
CP Adeleke said,”They said it’s true. The DPO said there was no fatality. That’s what we discussed.”””


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