OPINION BY ZUBAIRU MUKHTAR: Honourable Chakis The Man People Miss

    Honourable Chakis

    According to John C  Maxwell, ” A leader is he who knows the way and shows d way”. This is a perfect description of Hon Aliyu Haruna Chakis a Business man cum politician love by the good people of Kawo Constituency and beyond. The House hold name “Chakis” is second to none amongst his peers in terms of humility, calmness and good will. 
    He is a man who has no hiding place because of his love for his people as he sees their problem as his. He is recognized for his efficiency and effectiveness before, during and after his days as a legislator in the Kaduna State House of Assembly.
    A philosopher once said that “everything rises and falls on leadership”. It is only as society potentials are harnessed by visionary leaders like Hon Aliyu Haruna Chakis that the component parts and the body can collectively attain self actualization. Today all this is lacking a the good people of Kawo Constituency are is a state of mourning for the past 4 months and they cry for themselves as they have to mourn and remain in penury for 3years 8 months to come as the feel into the hands of mystery makers who derive joy in seeing them suffer.
    Chakis has been a stunt supporter of His Excellency Mal Nasiru Ahmed El-Rufa’i and his style of leadership has been putting the people first like the Peoples Governor and that has led to his nickname ” *_BUHARIN KAWO_* “. 
    His hand is wide open, he derives joy in solving problem and putting smile on peoples faces.
    His projects cut across all age grades devoid of religion or political party. Projects ranging from payment of WAEC/NECO for 200 students, skill acquisition training for women in sewing / purchase of sewing machines, provision of over 20 sets of computer to GSS Rafin Guza, facilitated the Construction of 8 class rooms, exams hall and a laboratory, unlimited financial assistance to mention but a few.
    Today, I can say authoritatively that the good people of Kawo constituency are in a sorry state as the miss an icon who governs them as if they all are in the helm of affairs. Despite not been in an elective position, his love for then still knows no bounds. 
    Kawo Constituency say they miss you!
    Kaduna State progressive youths miss you too!!
    We pray for a super higher level for you within the shortest possible time Insha Allah.
    Chakis is the way out.
    Higher Level is assured.

    Comrade Mukhtar is the convener of Coalition of Kaduna Civil Societies

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