Restructuring, True Federalism Solution For Peaceful Co-existence – Niger Delta Traditional Ruler

Ayemi Botu and other traditional rulers in a group photograph during the Roman Catholic Church Nigeria advocacy of restructuring, true federalism, justice, development for peace, unity and a greater Nigeria.


His Royal Majesty, Charles Ayemi Botu, the paramount ruler of Seimbiri kingdom has said that the only solution to Nigeria problem is restructuring and true federalism.

Ayemi Botu said so during the Roman Catholic Church Nigeria advocacy of restructuring, true federalism, justice, development for peace, unity and a greater Nigeria.

He said that, ”the only unifying factor of the country is the Niger Delta oil/Gas wealth which the North controls through a faulty system of government that favours them”.

The traditional ruler asserted that during ‘’the era of cocoa, groundnut, the owners (Northern states) had 50%  by 50% arrangement with the federal government. But in the time of oil and Gas in Niger Delta, federal government takes it all. This sharing formula does not favour the people of Niger Delta and therefore, the only solution for peaceful co-existence is restructuring and true federalism’’

The Most Rev. John Okeoghene Afareha of the Catholic Church of Warri, through its organ Justice Development and peace commission (JDPC) in his lecture under the theme ‘‘ Restructuring on the basis of federalism and emergence of a new Nigeria’’ said, ‘‘ God created man and endowed him with power to develop himself and his environment.

”These potentials deposited in man are expression of God immeasurable love. Jesus himself brought that love to its fullness as he went everywhere doing good and hearing all who were sick.

”While on earth,  he was indeed an apostle of development. And realizing that there can hardly be development without peace, he preached peace and called on all to live in peace with one another.

The clergy said, ”that fundamentals and primary activities did not benefit just Catholics or Christians alone, but all humanity, regardless of cultural backgrounds, religious beliefs, political parties or ethnic affiliation.

‘We are involved on the various aspects of human development such as Democracy and good governance, peace building, and conflict resolution, dialogue and reconciliation.

”Early warning, emergency preparedness and response, civic education, agriculture, science and technology and so on.’’ He stated”.

”The chairman of the occasion who is also the Ijaw National leader, Chief Edwin Clark, represented by Alaowei Brodrick Bozimo lamented that  ‘’The nation cannot move forward, if the system does not undergo proper restructuring and allow true federalism to come to play in real terms’’

He said that, ”Nigeria is full of blessings and potentials, but those potentials, natural endowment human resources could benefit the nation only when the people  decides the future of the nation by themselves on how it is going to be governed”.

Professor Sunny Awhefeada of the Delta state University also stressed that, ”it was long overdue, Nigeria should be restructured.

He noted that, ”the current constitution was written by the Nigerian military in favour of a section of the country.

”The presidential system in place is a deception and fake, the ideals of a presidential system of government is disguised with the barrel of the gun where the beneficiaries of the faulty system would continue to hold unto power with no of thought on restructuring and true federalism which the other parts of the nation clamour continuously”.

Delta State Governor Sen, Dr. lfeanyi Okowa during his speech said that, ”the first requirement in the process of restructuring is to restructure our families. The failure of parenting is what you see in social vices.

”We need to restructure our values and thinking process, social vices, Yahoo plus, is a reality we are living today because of the dimensions that we are moving in our country. It has moved on to ocultic practices”.

General Alexander Ogomudia (rtd), in his speech said, ”the Church has a lot to do in issues concerning peace, justice, human rights , development  and unity of Nigeria.

He said that, ‘‘Restructuring on the basis of true federalism in line with the best international practice.

”Restructuring is so scared to some section of Nigeria.  Nigeria needs restructuring because the system is flawed.  Restructuring has been in existence for time immemorial.

”There should be socio-political restructuring. If we do not restructure, we will live on borrow time’’ he stated.


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