Activist Hails Punch, Calls It Citizens Advocate Newspaper Of Year

convener of the Pan African Movement for Peace, Human Rights and Social Justice (PAMPHRSJ) Rex Anighoro in zone man solidarity rally for PUNCH Newspapers


The convener of the Pan African Movement for Peace, Human Rights and Social Justice (PAMPHRSJ) Rex Anighoro has ha visited the Punch Newspapers in a thank you, solidarity visit.

Activist Rex Anighoro who is also the Spokesperson to  Mujahed Dokubo Asari led Niger Delta People Salvation Front (NDPSF)

He was received in a private session by a representative of the editorial team.

Activist Rex Anighoro hailed the uncommon courage of the Punch Newspaper on Thursday in Warri, Delta State, especially its management and editorial team for standing up to speak for the Nigerian Citizen at a time every known Newspaper house and Citizens protection institutions were playing safe.

Rex said, “I want to thank the Punch Newspapers for standing out, standing up and for becoming the voice of the Nigerian Citizens who today are under the yoke of a despot running a gestapo junta that is Anti Human Rights, Anti Rule of Law and Anti Democratic. Indeed Punch Newspapers is the Citizens advocate and Newspaper of the year and and must be commended for remaining unwavering in its defence of the common man at a time everyone is playing safe.

”I have come to visit you people today symbolically to thank you on behalf of millions citizens activists and advocates who have not eaten the Esau’s porridge of profanity and has not bowed to Baal.

”Henceforth we shall join you in referring to Muhammadu Buhari as a Major General and a Regime, infact we shall refer to him as an Emperor and Maximum Ruler of Hades.

”We shall embark on graffiti paintings in our roads and streets and communities, we call on all citizens advocates all over the world to do same in every city of the world were Nigerians are as part of our citizen’s action and protest against this neo fascist junta.

”Thank you Punching Punch for Punching the tyrant and his dubious APC regime harder Mike Tyson and for giving us renewed hope to believe that this scorpion scourging mob and locust years will not last forever as this too will pass.

”May the God who visited the strongman Abacha when all thought nothing else and nobody else could do anything visit Aso Rock and its Pharaoh.” The Activist stated.

Activist Rex Anighoro on the occasion of the visit carried placards with inscriptions.

”’Thank you Punch Newspapers for Punching the tyrant and his regime’, ‘God bless Punch Newspapers for speaking out and becoming the voice of the Nigerian Citizens’,  ‘Major General Muhammadu APC regime is Anti – Human Rights, Anti – Rule of Law, Anti – Democratic and hopelessly dictatorial’.


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