NESO Offers To End Insurgency, Begs Buhari To Send Army Back To Barracks

NESO CCG, Dr. Sani Aliyu at the training for officers and men of the organization in Imo State on December 13, 2019. Photo: BASHIR BELLO DOLLARS


While commending the Nigerian Army and sister security agencies for successes recorded in the fight against insurgency, an advocacy is been made for the Military to return back to Constitutional role of protecting territorial integrity.

Corps Commandant General (CCG) Neighborhood Enlightenment Safety Organization (NESO), Dr. Sani Aliyu expressed this while speaking with newsmen in Abuja on Thursday.

Dr. Aliyu who was commenting on NESO’s capacity building for its officers and men nationwide which is currently ongoing, said that the organization has the experience, training and patriotism to end insurgency and other forms of violent crimes.

While we also commend the NSA, Chief of Air Staff, Chief of Naval Staff, and other security chiefs like the DG DSS a others for their contributions in degrading Boko Haram.

“At the same time we are calling on NSA and Mr. President to take note that constitutionally, the Military has the mandate of protecting the territorial integrity of our nation, while the police have the mandate of  protecting internal security of the nation, as well as the DSS is to procure intelligence, internal security information, while the NIA, external security, while we have the Civil Defence to protect strategic government installation within the country. 

“The Customs to take care of Excise Duty, while the Immigration takes care of I’m migration activities.
“NESO positions itself to become a special agency in Nigeria to handle and take care of terrorism and insurgency.
“The Military has done its part it is required of the military to be prepared and reserved, to take care of any external aggressions for seen and unforseen aggressions that may come to our country. While saying thus, it is high time the Military returns to the barracks and allow NESO take care of insurgency and terrorism.
“NESO is to become a special agency in Nigeria to take charge of Insurgency and terrorism and banditry. This is not incursion on Police work, obliviously we know police us in charge of internal security.  The war against Territorian is awar against facelessness and no security agency is dedicated to that.

“It s hightime for the military to return to the barracks and allow NESO take charge of terrorism and insurgency. Thus is not encroaching on Police work.

“Civilian Joint Task Force (CJTF) working with the military in the fight against insurgency, comprises 90% of NESO officers,” he said.
On why they embarked on the nationwide training, he said, “Our purpose of this training  is to meet up with insecurity challenges bedeviling our nation Nigeria having in mind that security agencies needs more support to achieving the mandate given to them, that why we are holding the training all over the country.

“We started from the South East where we held a training in Akukwa in Imo State where we taught them on HUMIT that is, human intelligence and how to collect information, collate analyse and interprete them.

“It is important to present information to meet consumers needs,” he said.

The NESO CCG explained that HUMIT is one of the most strategic security  information that can help the government sort out criminals and would be criminals  like terrorists, banditry, kidnappers and other insecurity bedeviling the nation.

“We left Imo State at end of South East training from where we touched South South, Warri, where we taught our officers the same thing.

“From there we left to South West, Nigeriua, Osun State where we are teaching them the same thing on HUMIT security.
“Where we allayed fear of the FG based on the fears expressed by the national Security Adviser, General Monguno on the threats posed by the Almajiri.

“While doing what we are doing, we are taking the big strides that the Nigerian Army has done well in containing insurgency.

“We have been rendering support to the military we have learnt a lot and are ready to make terrorism a thing of the past in Nigeria.

“With our strength of over 70,000 we are set to handle areas of terrorism and banditry in Nigeria.

“The organization is founded based on patriotism and passionate love of Nigeria. 

“We are not funded by any organization within or outside Nigeria, we tax ourselves. 

“Our board of trustees chairman has been of great help alongside Dr. Malami Maaji, these are two Nigerians supporting us they have contributed their time, moral and sometimes financial support,” he added.

Speaking further, he said, “The only call we have for President Muhamnadu Buhari govt, NESO Should be created by FG to end terrorism. 

“Funding should not be a problem. NESO can through counter terrorism. 

“They can fund it through a wallet, an STF wallet, that is Security Trust Fund Wallet, where all corporate organizations contribute.

“NESO can be the first security organization owned by Nigerians. 

“We have the UN, EU and other organization with funds for counter terrorism and thus funds have not been assessed. 

“We have been talking to EU and others on his the funds can be added and if NESO is firmed, we can assess the funds,” he said, while expressing optimism that STF can take care of funding NESO and counter terrorism operations in Nigeria.


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