Fani-Kayode To Southern Kaduna People – Don’t Be Intimidated

Former Minister of Aviation, Femi Fani-Kayode

By KATO P. LADAN. Kaduna

Former Minister of Aviation, Chief Femi Fani-Kayode has charged Southern Kaduna people not to be intimidate by those who are imposing fear on them and want to keep them subdued. 
This was expressed on Saturday, January 4, 2020 during the Southern Kaduna Prayer Summit held at the Kafanchan Township Stadium, Kafanchan, Kaduna State; organised by Southern Kaduna Christian Leaders Association (SKCLA). 

16th Southern Kaduna Prayer Summit

Fani-Kayode whose speech was delivered by Rev. Emmanuel Olorunmagba that represented him at the occasion spoke in line with ‘the book of Proverbs 23:7 “As a man thinketh in his heart so is he…” 
‘There is an ongoing battle to conquer none-Fulanis and Christianity in Nigeria and Southern Kaduna being strategically located at the Middle Belt is at the center of the battle. The battle is spiritual, intellectual and physical. We will engage them spiritually and intellectually, but we will not take up physical illegal weapons like they do and we pray they don’t push this country to the brink of another civil war. Nobody in his right sense will pray for war because no tribe and no religion will be spared in the casualties.’
The fearless former minister stressed further to Southern Kaduna people that not to be subdued because ‘they want to configure your mind to think that you are a second class citizen in Nigeria, but you must stand your ground to say “NO”
‘They are programming your mind to think that you a nonentity, but you must stand your ground to say you are highly respected, well endowed and blessed entity.
‘They are installing the virus of economically disadvantage race into your system. But it’s time to stop the installation, then uninstall what has been installed, format your system and look around you because you are dangerously loved by God, powerfully loaded by Jehovah Jireh, highly endowed with both human and natural resources. 
‘Arise and empower yourselves. The church members should empower their pastors and the pastors too should return to empower their members. The masses should stand with the power of unity and push their people to places of authority and the politicians too should return to empower their people. Give them what they need to fish and not just fish.’ 
Speaking further about the activities of the enemies of Southern Kaduna people he stressed that, ‘They are downloading the mentality of slavery in your system, but you have to delete what has been downloaded, reconfigure your thinking system and rise to take power from them.’
FFK commended the show of determination by the Southern Kaduna people during the 2019 governorship election in Kaduna, which he described as ‘a referendum, a show of unity’ between Southern Kaduna people and a show of their determination.’

‘The people of Southern Kaduna are under siege. The chains and shackles must be broken through effectual travailing prayers, but not prayer or just talking alone, there must also be a Solemn Assembly. There must be strategic planning and there must be specific well mapped out corresponding action. The Bible clearly declares that “faith without work (action) is dead.”‘
He added that the ‘Church leaders too must speak out. Enough of killings in Southern Kaduna. The souls you are called to minister to are being massacred. Your people are being brutally murmured not because of their wrong doing, but just because of their faith and ethnicity. Is it a crime to be a Christian? Is it a crime be of Southern Kaduna extraction? But that is what they want to make you believe. Why will the Christian Leaders keep quiet in the face of such evil?’ he added.
Charging Southern Kaduna people to maintain the tempo of the determination and the unity exhibited during the last governorship election and present a gubernatorial candidate united as one people and they will be on the way to have another governor from Southern Kaduna after Yakowa that was brutally murmured in an helicopter, which was blamed on the so called crash. 
‘The last election should have opened your eyes that if you can come as one people knowing that you are first a Southern Kaduna person before you are Bajju or Gbagyi or other tribes. If you will allow the progress of Southern Kaduna to take priority over your different tribes, then you can united as one people to produce a governor in Kaduna State.
‘Don’t be intimated – Arise, shine and move forward. You have sat on a spot for too long. 
‘I want to categorically and fundamentally assert that when you are ready for the governorship, you can count on me’, he concluded.


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