HEKAN President Tasks Christian Leaders On Exemplary Life Styles

    President of United Church of Christ in Nations (HEKAN), Reverend Amos G. Kiri delivering the sermon on Wednesday January 8, on day two of the 65th Tarayyar Ekklisiyoyin Kristi A Nigeria (TEKAN) General Assembly being hosted by HEKAN in Kaduna.

    *says they should save lives,  not destroy

    By KATO P. LADAN, Kaduna

    Christian leaders have been tasked  to always look up to Jesus Christ and lead exemplary lives like him.

    President of United Church of Christ in Nations (HEKAN), Reverend Amos G. Kiri gave the charge on Wednesday January 8,  in his sermon on day two of the 65th Tarayyar Ekklisiyoyin Kristi A Nigeria (TEKAN) General Assembly being hosted by HEKAN in Kaduna.

    He said that an example that is worth emulating was when Jesus’ Disciples asked him if they could send down fire to consume those they perceived as enemies but he scolded them, telling them “You don’t know what manner of spirit is on you.”

    He challenged leaders to spread the goodness of the gospel of Jesus.

    Kiri said Christian leaders should unite, come back to their senses and engage the people like Jesus did, stressing that if they don’t, they would have missed the mark.

    Also citing another example of the Samaritan woman at the well, he said Jesus was attentive to her and was able to meet her needs.

    “We must deal with this issue of hatred, racial discrimination and others first as brethren.

    “We have no reason to allow racial or discrimination issues prevent us from reaching those we ought to engage with the gospel. 

    “We have turned our discussion into mere discussion. Instead of dwelling upon what the gospel says and engaging them, we turn to things that are irrelevant,” he lamented.

    HEKAN President said that  if the Holy Spirit is allowed to take the lead when audience are engaged, God will help them to cover their needs.

    “There are potential candidates of heaven everywhere we go. Let us not pray that God will consume a community because of their wrong doings.

    “Jesus didn’t come for the righteous and healthy, but for sinners and sick.
    “Let’s also see ourselves as agents of Christ so that we can save lives not destroy,” he admonished. 

    TEKAN is a bloc of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN),  comprising 16 churches mostly drawn from the Northern region.

    Over 300 delegates are attending the week long  event.
    TEKAN is also known as the Fellowship of United Churches of Christ In Nigeria.


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