2023 Atiku/Obi Ticket Is Only Asset PDP Has – Dr Sani Adamu (INTERVIEW)

Dr. Sani Adamu

*says BoT chairman should refrain from controversial comments

In this exclusive interview, Dr Sani Adamu,  a PDP Chieftain and founder of Deservation.org as well as a due hard supporter of former Vice President Atiku Abubakar in this explosive interview, said that the Judiciary must do all within its constitutional powers to rid itself of undue interference. Baring his mind, he explained that they are ready for any eventualities in Nigerian politics. He also assured that Atiku has returned home to his party-the PDP, stressing that there is no tussle in the party. He decried what he described as worsened security situation under President Buhari, adding that the Police has become an organ of the APC. He believes Nigeria is worse off than in 2015, describing the fight against corruption of the present administration as a political weapon in the hands of the President. He adds that he cannot credit the APC or Buhari with any positive development. He insists PDP, members who are also the supporters of Atiku Abubakar remain steadfast, stressing that majority of Nigerians voted for Atiku Abubakar in 2019. He believes there is need to work together to make Nigeria work again. MIKE ODEH JAMES was there for AUTHENTIC News Daily. Excerpts;

Can you tell us about yourself and the relationship you have with Alhaji Atiku Abubakar?

My names is Dr. Sani Adamu, Adamawa State born politician based in Abuja, I think I should answer your question politically, thank you.

Sometime in early 2011, I founded the most popular organization called Deservation.org immediately after the 2011 PDP presidential primaries even before the general elections at that time, I developed an interest in him and I sympathised with him too. In the same year (2011) I started promoting the political belief of Alhaji Atiku Abubakar against 2015 even without ever meeting the great Waziri of Adamawa. 

The catchword Deservation stirred a lot of controversy due to the fact the word ‘’deservation’’ was strange to most populace. However, the word actually fitted the calibre of Atiku Abubakar I’m the type of person who stirs controversies if it suits my belief and positivity.

However, in 2019 I also founded a group nationwide Project774ForAtiku2019, with offices and supporters across the 774 LGAs of the Federation. 

The most notable controversy was the famous  (The PUKKA -the real and the right) after the announcement of the incumbent, it also generated a lot of controversy from the corridors of power, funny enough, I followed all the protocols.

I am a kind of a rebel of sorts, also frank to a fault and I have charted my own direction economically and financially by the time I was only thirty years old. 

Politically, never the type that goes with the crowd. I possess my own political beliefs and stick to them through thick and thin. 

That belief catapulted me to associate with great politicians of our times; the most prominent of them all is Alhaji Atiku Abubakar- the 7th Waziri of Adamawa and the former Vice President of the Federal Republic Of Nigeria.

Do you actually think that the PDP BoT Chairman’s Speech was meant to discredit the Atiku/Obi ticket?

Not exactly, however, the BOT Chairman either under-estimated the magnitudeof his comment or was flippant with his mouth. 

The BOT Chairman should ordinarily be the soul or moral high ground of the PDP. This means that at all times, his public statement should reflect the views of the party, its followers and its leadership. His public comments on party affairs are assumed the official standing of the party.

Therefore, when he makes comments without the due regards to the party leadership, he is actually on his own. He should bear the full consequences of his comments, the big lesson there is that there is no thin line between his personal comments and that of the party, especially when it is in the press or media. 

He should refrain from controversial comments or issues not reflecting the position of the party leadership. He needs to apologise and withdraw his comments, rather than making more wild allegations on threats to his life.

What is your own view will be the consequence of the PDP not nominating
Atiku for the 2023 Presidential Election?

The important question is not the consequences of not nominating Atiku, but the right move for the party at this time. As a party faithful, Atiku’s interest is the best for the party. If we all agree, that Atiku/Obi actually won the 2019 Presidential elections; then we have no reason to change the winning team. The Atiku/Obi ticket is the only asset the party has. 

The resources deployed to the 2019 project is intact, this makes the 2023 Presidential elections cheaper to undertake. However, the important thing is for the party to come together and put its house in order, a strong and united opposition party. Party members should be involved in the decision–making processes, and party elders should refrain from making unguarded statements on issues requiring consultation and other sensitivities.

Going by your alleged denial of Atiku’s victory, give an assessment of the Nigerian judiciary?

The Judiciary is the impartial umpire in our democracy. The Judiciary is supposed to be independent of the other two arms of government. It is sad that the Judiciary in Nigeria has acted as part of the executive arm, receiving orders from the executive, removing or threatening Judges, writing judgements for the Judges to read out or the ‘cabals’ attending Court sessions to ensure certain decisions are forced through their presence in Court. 

The Judiciary must do all within its constitutional power to rid itself of undue interference. Now, Nigerians have no confidence in the Judiciary. It is up to them to prove otherwise.

You made mention of unusual times in your letter, elaborate, please?

It is unusual time because; here we are talking about the 2023 Presidential elections, less than one year into the second term of four years. You could notice that the APC government in power are already planning and working on who to succeed President Muhammadu Buhari. 

The PDP BoT Chairman Mal. Walid Jubril also made statement on how the PDP will nominate its Presidential Candidate, of course without recourse to the Board of Trustees. Therefore, the times are unusual, and require  unusual reactions and counter-reactions. I also advise that it is really too early to begin party politics. Nevertheless, we are ready for any eventualities in Nigerian politics.

Going by his political pedigree and popularity as you asserted, could the Waziri succeed  if he decides to opt into another party outside the PDP if the permutations of the platform does not favour his candidacy?I wish to remind you that Atiku Abubakar is a founding member of the PDP. He, with other Nigerians nurtured the party to full strength. He has always been a great pillar of the PDP. Atiku has returned home to his party-the PDP. In fact, I found it difficult to imagine the Waziri in any party other than the PDP. I therefore wish to inform you that such permutation or scenario has not arisen.

APC is also garnering enough for the 2023 presidency, so do you think that the current tussle within the PDP will lead to its victory?

As far as we are concerned, there is no tussle in the PDP. What happened was just a statement credited to the BoT chair, which does not reflect the mind of the party or its leadership. I can tell you that the party has not met to review the 2019 outcome of the Presidential elections since last year. The official position of the party on nominations or candidates in 2023 will take long in coming. Therefore, the party is solid, united and ready to face future challenges.

What is your scorecard for the APC after almost five years in office?

You may as well answer this question. Are you better off now than you were in 2015? Buhari has hinged his promise on fighting corruption, security and the economy. This has remained the issue for the past five years. Yet the security situation has worsened under the watch of this President.

Economically, Nigeria has become the World capital of poverty. By 2023, 25% of the World’s poor will come from Nigeria. The fight to reduce corruption has  been lost since this President assumed office. The institutions of State have never been this weak. Even the Police force has become another organ of the APC, with full power to unleash violence to rig elections. 

Look at Kogi elections; see what Governor Ganduje unleashed on the people of Kano. What do you call all these? Fighting corruption has become a political weapon in the hands of this President. Most voters or supporters of the APC are now regretting ever electing this President in the first place. My take is that we are worse off than we were in 2015. Honestly, I cannot credit the APC or PMB with any positive development.

Finally, your message to all Atiku supporters and Nigerian electorates.

I call on all the members of the PDP, who are also the supporters of Atiku Abubakar to remain steadfast, peaceful and resolute to pursue the ideals of the party and the mission of Alhaji Atiku Abubakar. Majority of Nigerians voted for Atiku Abubakar, I call on them to be patient, democracy is a process, and no one can deny us the right to hold contrary political opinion. 

The next election is not far away, learn the lessons of the 2019 elections and move to create a better Nigeria. We need to work together to make Nigeria work again. Let us move on.


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