Security Chiefs Have Failed Nigeria – Rights Activist 



A Niger Delta Rights Activist and National President, Ijaw People’s Development Initiative (IPDI). Comrade Ozobo Austin, has passed a vote of no confidence on Nigeria’s security network.

Comrade Ozobo stated this, In an interview with on Wednesday, January 29th. At Ughelli near Warri, Delta State.

He called for the ‘sack of all security chiefs in the country’.

The activist averred that “no unity is worth the lives of Nigerians, people should only promote unity that will secure and safeguard lives of Nigerians.

“The North was opposed to Amotekun because such internal security arrangements were against its Islamization agenda.

“Amotekun initiative clearly states that Nigerian Government had failed. South-South and other venerable regions in the country should apply the laws of self-defense and right of personal liberty to decide how best their lives would be secured.

“Nigerian Government was a threat to the safety of Ijaws and Niger Delta at large as regards daily and incessant bombardments of Ijaw communities in the region on every slightest provocation.

“Nigeria Government are playing politics with the activities of Boko Haram millitants in the country.

“Herdsmen and Boko Haram were agents of the Northern Nigeria to intimidate Christians and Southern Nigeria to accept their Islamic agenda.

Ozobo further added that “Nigeria was an expired marriage going by the 1914 amalgamation treaty.

“No treaty for a period of hundred years remained valid and efforts should be made to restructure the country to avoid possible disintegration.

The national leader equally reiterated that “Nigerian Security system was loyal to a section of the country and Nigerians cannot afford to risked their lives by depending on such failed security system”. Ozobo stated.


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