Re: Between Yari And Matawalle, Who Is Ignorant And Illiterate?

File photo: Matawalle at campaign rally


Someone drew my attention to a certain article written by one Badamasi Umaru in the Nation Newspaper (online) in response to my release on the statement made by His Excellency, Governor Bello Mohammed (Matawallen Maradun) where he bared his mind and his candid perception of his immediate predecessor, Abdulazeez Yari regarding the unfolding events taking place in Zamfara State today.

My first impression of Mr Umaru was his inconsistency in addressing the words “ignorant” and “illiterate”. My little understand g of the two words are the first refers to lack of knowledge and the second refers to lack of ability to read and write. To this end, not every one who could read and write escapes the hammer of ignorance.

However, if Mr Umaru is referring to lack of ignorance as attending of formal schools, he ought to know that his “king” is nowhere close to Matawalle even in terms of attending prestigious institutions here in Nigeria and indeed, abroad. Yes, Matawalle can comfortably call his precesdor ignorant because he lacks the basic knowledge of who Matawalle is today in terms of politics of Zamfara State. He has equally shown his ignorance of the ways of God and His own ways with men, His creation.

This is very germane for the fact that Matawalle was an adtitue politician, who from the comfort of a ruling party, stood on his own in opposition to become a Governor, unlike Mr Yari who, in the comfort of a ruling party, was anointed and offered the Governorship on a platter of gold. On this count, they are never mates in politics which is a glaring fact poking them on the top of their noses. So, even if Yari is not ready to accept Allah’s verdict he should at least, respect Matawalle for garnering more superior credentials in politics.

Mr Umaru described the Supreme Court judgement that handed over the victory of 2019 General election to Matawle and his team. He was only amplifyng the lack of faith demonstrated by his masters over the matter at hand. We have said it several times that really God made Matawalle and bestow power in his hands and no Jupiter on earth can unmake him until God Himself decides to do so. Those who. Love Yari should start advising him to lower his wings and stop trotting from one point to another seeking a reversal to this judgement.

Another aspect of the article that caught my attention was the reference to political career of Yari and his “integrity”. I wonder why the writer chose to ridicule his master by bringing up this issue at all. The reputation of his master in Nigeria and elsewhere is that of a failed leader who unabashedly told the whole world he could no longer serve as the Chief Security Officer of the state amidst mounting Flow of blood and colossal killings in the state. In spite, he refused to resign, instead, chose to spend most of his time in Abuja and elsewhere than among his much troubled citizens in utter condescension.

It is foolhardy to try protecting failure. It is even worse using the yardstick of failure to demean progressive success. I am advising Badamasi and his kind to always chew very well before the blurt it out.

Bappa is the Special Adviser to Governor Bello Mohammed


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