Kaduna Peace Commission Blames Crisis On Scarce Resources, Vows To Promote Sanctity Of Human Life


By KATO P. LADAN, Kaduna

The Kaduna Peace Commission (KAPECOM) has blamed scarcity of resources, ethno religious perception, youth restiveness, amongst others as factors fueling  crisis in the state, vowing that the commission is gearing up to promote sanctity of human lives.

Chairman of the  commission, Archbishop Josiah idowu-Fearon expressed this at a press briefing held on  March 4,  2020  at the Commission’s Office, 43, Tafawa Baliewa Way Kaduna.

“These drivers include competition over scarce use of resources, negative Ethno-Religiousperceptions, youths restiveness and insecurity, among others,” he said.

He informed that shortly, the commission will be embarking an aggressive engagement of key stakeholders in ensuring that that is peaceful coexistence in the state.

“The Commission will deliberately promote the values of the sacredness of human life. Humansof all kinds are created by God Almighty with dignity and honour, and this need to be fullyrecognised and respected. No person has the right to take away human life, and this sanctity ofhuman life must be inculcated in the minds and hearts of our young people.

“As people of religion, I use this medium to appeal to all adherents of our religious faiths tothink deeply and work out modalities for inculcating the right religious cultures among itsfollowers. 

“I appeal to the religious leaders in Kaduna State and beyond, to work together to address perceptions that drive religious intolerance,” he said.

He stressed that the commission in the ongoing efforts at strengthening the peace architecture in the state Sinceits inauguration in November 2017, the Commission has pursued deliberate efforts of engagingthe diverse stakeholders to promote a culture of dialogue, tolerance and understanding thatwill lead to peaceful and harmonious coexistence in the state. 

“The Comminion has  worked with relevant institutions of govermment at the federal, state and local govement levels, the traditional institutions, religious bodies, cvil saciety onganisations, the medla political parties, security establishments, women and youths groups, community based organisations and indeed wide range of the citizenry to tackle the key drvers of conflicts in thestate,” he added.

He emphasized that in the course of the several meetings, it is apparent that their is support and the commitment of the peaple to  minimise the protracted inter-communal disturbances that characterised the state in recent years. 

He noted that the Commission is satisfied with the level of cooperation received from the govemment andpeople of Kaduna State.

“Even with these achievements made possible by people’s participation, inter communal disturbances are yet to be all over, as there are still occasional threats and violence,” he lamented.

He therefore, advocated  that all grievances, concems and fears of communities should be addressed and resolved using non-violence means, mainly in the form of dialogue. 

idowu-Fearon assured that the doors of the Commission, including the LGA Peace Committees remain open  for amicable resolutions.


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