A Preventive Measure Of CoronaVirus That Has Been Ignored

Audu Jangba Jnr


It is no longer news that Covid-19 also known as CoronaVirus has remained the most deadly disease that is posing serious threat to the world at large, due to it contagious nature.

It kills within a very short period of time, if not detected and treated with immediate effect.

As the saying goes, “prevention is better and cheaper than cure”.Today, Italy have the highest death rate from Covid-19. So far, more than 4,000 Italians have died of this disease. I really sympathize with them for such a huge loss.

In Nigeria today, the sensitisation for CoronaVirus is encouraging. For example, the use of hand sanitizers, nose masks, stopping or reducing of hand shake, social distancing  and quarantine of those that return from foreign countries.

However, thumb printing and the use of biometric in banking industries, the used of thumb printing by workers in some industries is still going on. The use of Automated Teller Machine (ATM) and punching of entry and exit button in the banking industry.

Safety Measure

There is need for any form of thumb printing and biometric capturing in banking industries to be reviewed.

NYSC biometric capturing needs to be put on hold.
Nigerians should be enlightened to be using hand gloves if we must shake hands and hand gloves should also be used when punching the buttons of ATM machines and when entering and exiting banks.

I pray that God should see Nigerians through and the world at large from this deadly disease called CoronaVirus (Covid-19), so help us God.

Audu Jangba Jr. (NGA)


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