Birth Of Jesus Christ Comes With Love, Peace – Reverend Kiri


By KATO P. LADAN, Kaduna

The birth of Jesus as the Saviour of the world came alongside love freely given us in the “One he loves (Eph.1:6) and peace.”
 President of the  United Church Of Christ In Nations (UCCN), Rev. (Dr.) Amos G. Kiri gave the advise in his Christmas address delivered on Friday December 25.

“As always, therefore, love and peace are very significant in our celebration of Christmas. 
“I am aware that wherever the children of God are, the enemy and his agents will also strive to be there,” he said. 
Speaking further, he said that It  is therefore  duty of all  Christians to show love and maintain peace as they celebrate Christmas. 
“The Holy Scripture says, “Let us make every effort to do what leads to peace…” (Rom.14:19). Let us give peace a chance. 
“Alongside love and peace at birth of Jesus Christ is salvation of our souls, the greatest miracle ever in the life of mankind,” he reminded. 
Reverend Kiri said that as they have been set free from sin, they are to share at this Christmas what they have freely received/given 9matt.10:7-8). 
“Share the little you have with neighbours at this Christmas. 
“There is joy in sharing. If you want peace, then you should go and extra mile and get prepared for any eventualities because there are many who do not want peace and they are living with us,” he urged. 
He cautioned that however, as they try to live peacefully, they must not compromise or sacrifice tbeir faith on the altar of sacrifice.


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