UN Women Says World Will Be Better Off With Female Leadership


By KATO P. LADAN, Kaduna

With women in key leadership positions, the world would be a better place.

UN Women Deputy Country Representative,  Mr. Lansana Wonneh expressed this in his remarks at the launch of the Coalition and presentation of the Collaborative framework on increased women’s Leadership in COVID-19 response and recovery efforts in Kaduna State on Thursday March 25, 2021.
“If you look at the Intervention and prevention of the COVID-19, Kaduna has done well. If you look at countries headed by women, the impact of COVID-19 has been minimal.
“If we have women on Leadership positions, the better we can be. The more we have women in position, the more prosperous that nation or community can be,” he said.

He explained that Kaduna State is one of the most gender sensitive states in the country.
Speaking further, he said that UN Women is committed to ensuring women are empowered because when they are empowered, there is a multiplying effect.
Wonneh stressed that there is the need to end cases of gender based violence in Nigeria, charging men to take responsibility in ending it.
He wondered why micro and small enterprises are majorly controlled by women, while the bigger ones are run by men, assuring that UN Women is committed to ending the imbalance.
He said like other pandemic’s, women are more affected by COVID-19 impact, citing gender based violence as one of those that affected women mostly.
Wonneh added that as a result of the lockdown following COVID-19 outbreak, a lot of women who mainly do their businesses by road sides, lost their capital.
He congratulated Kaduna State for setting an example with a woman as the head of the COVID-19 taskforce.

He advised that younger women should be included in decision making process.
“There is need for gender inclusiveness in Parliament and other key sectors. NIgeria is the least in terms of empowering women. Women in Nigeria hold only five per cent in terms of lawmakers in Nigeria, despite having about 50 per cent of the population,” he pointed out.
He called on the Governor of Kaduna State, Malam Nasir el-Rufai whom he said  has done well, to influence other governors and by extension the Federal Government to give women more opportunities.
“To women, it is only when you see yourselves as one Constituency that you can make the desired impact,” he advised.


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