Hunter Group Rounds Up Training Of Personnel In Taraba


By KATO P. LADAN, Kaduna

In continuation of the nationwide training of its personnel, the Commandant General (CG) of Hunter Group of Nigeria (HGN), Ambassador Osatimehim Joshua has rounded up the four days training of men and women of the group in Jalingo, Taraba State.
The training of the Hunter Group personnel was done by officers drawn from the Nigeria Police Force, Directorate of State Security Service, Nigeria Immigration Services  and other security agencies.
Speaking at the end of the training, CG Osatimehin charged the men and women of the group to be disciplined and to be good ambassadors of the group.
He further charged them to expose any form of crime and criminality by reporting the perpetrators  to constituted authorities no matter who they are.
Osatimehim said, “If I your husband is involved in Boko Haram, kidnapping, or banditry, expose me.
“If your wives, your girlfriends are into criminality, expose them. Failure to expose them means you are not a good ambassador of Hunter Group”, he added.
The Commandant of the group went on to urge his personnel to have the utmost respect for all security agencies and not to see themselves as equals to the police or DSS
“That you are trained or lectured by the constituted authority does not mean that you are a policemen or a DSS.
The newly turbaned Jagaba Alkalawa of Jimeta also urged his men not to see the HGN as a money making venture but to understand that they are in the group to fight insecurity in the state and in the North East.
The Ambassador also made a passionate appeal to the Taraba State Governor, Dairus Ishaku Dickson saying that the Hunter Group of Nigeria wants to partner with the governor in fighting insecurity in the state.
He also assured the governor that if HGN is incorporated into the state security apparatus, crime and criminality would be drastically curbed.
“I am assuring you that if Hunter Group is incorporated into state security services, there would be no criminal activities in the state.
“With what I saw in Bauchi, Taraba is one of the peaceful states in the North East. Ever since the governor came into power, he was able to reduce criminality to the barest minimum, We want to be part of the Governor’s success story,” he said.
Lastly, he commended the three Senators from Taraba for supporting the bill which seeks to formalize the Hunter Group of Nigeria as a security outfit  at the Senate.


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