Delta: Women Protest Alleged Disappearance Of 400-yr-old Royal Crown



Itsekiri women numbering  hundreds in Warri South and Warri South West, council areas of Delta State, have protested against the alleged disappearance of four hundred -yr-old crown and symbol of their monarch, in Itsekiri Kingdom.

The women gathered on Friday at the popular Okere round about protesting, carrying placards.

They walked from the Okere Round About to the Palace of the Olu of Warri, to register their displeasure over the missing crown.

The inscriptions on the placards read, “We are mothers in Itsekiri land. We are angry,” “We are crying to our ancestors to avenge those involved in the missing crown,” “This has never happened in Itsekiri land in over 400 years of our existence,” “Ancestral curses on all those who responsible for the missing crown,” etc.

It would be recalled that the alleged missing crown which is still under investigation by the zone 5, disappeared days after some interested parties in the succession battle invaded the palace (Aghofe) in the Warri metropolis.

The development was confirmed by high ranking chiefs and other members of the Itsekiri royal family.

The women said, “we are not going to sit down and fold our arms while some individuals in the kingdom will cause division in the kingdom.

“We give those who stole our crown three days to return the crown, if at the expiration of the three days ultimatum the crown is not returned, all the old women in the kingdom will come out half naked to lay a curse on anyone who stole the crown.

Speaking on behalf of the protesters, Mrs Tina Edon, told Journalists during the peaceful protest that, “all we wanted was for those who stole our crown to return it.

“We need this crown back because this crown is the reason why we are called Itsekiris. The crown makes us. The crown is our heritage. It is what brings the Itsekiri nation together..

“You can see our mothers here crying and speaking in one voice. We need our crown back because without that crown the crowning of the next king will not be a success.

“The people of Itsekiri nation need the crown. Itsekiris in diaspora need the crown, our king needs the crown. Let us come together and fight for our right, and our right is having the crown back”.

On her part, Mrs Favour Efejuku, said we embarked on this peaceful protest to appeal to those who stole the crown to return it back to where they took it from.

“We are here to protest the missing crown of our kingdom. We are pleading with those who stole the crown to return it because it our crown and not their crown,” Mrs Efejuku added.


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