Rivers State: ‘Concocting defection stories will not save the APC from doom’


    Concocting defection stories in Rivers State will not save the All Progressives Congress (APC) from the coming election doom, the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has said.
    According to the PDP, the Rivers people, just like their Bayelsa counterparts are fed up already with the duplicity and falsehood that the APC represents. The feeling is the same across the entire country, not just the South of Nigeria.
    “One even wonders why it has not occurred to the Rivers State branch of the APC that if with the defection of almost every big wig from the PDP to APC in Bayelsa, the APC still suffered a monumental nervous breakdown, how would concocted stories undermine PDP’s success in Rivers State. It is inconceivable.
    “The PDP is the Party of the majority of Nigerians. It is the Party of true transformation. The mass of Nigerians in Rivers State have identified the PDP as the Party that promotes their survival against suicidal political fundamentalists who wish to stop at nothing to conquer, emasculate and enslave them.
    “What can change this reality? Every single thing the APC does even strengthens it. The truth is: Rivers people know where they stand. APC can continue to cook propaganda and falsehood, Nigerians will not be fooled twice,” the statement said.
    It explained that in a bid to discredit the Panel report Indicting the current Minister of Transport, Chibuike Amaechi, for monumental financial crimes in Rivers State while as Governor, the APC conjured up a capricious unknown-character and impostor, a certain doubtful ‘Professor’ going by the name of Ogboma to make the false, spurious and misleading claim that he was a member of the Justice Omereji Judicial Commission of Inquiry, which according to his falsetale, was charged to indict Amaechi at all cost.
    “Truth is not difficult to substantiate. The Professor impostor was never a member of the Judicial Panel. The attached records show that clearly.
    “His claims are bedeviled with conflicting inconsistencies. On one breath he claims to be a member of the panel. On another breath, he claims he was proposed to be a member (meaning he wasn’t). In the third narrative, the self acclaimed member and proposed member speaks of how the panel report was doctored several times to indict Amaechi even though he wasn’t a member of it. What shall we believe?
    “Perhaps, this ‘Professor’ import was uninformed or clearly chose not to remember that the Justice Omereji Judicial Commission of Inquiry sat in the open and not in secret and the offensive discoveries of prodigious, albeit, embarrassing gargantuan economic crimes against Rivers people were already common knowledge during the public proceedings of the Commission, prior to the release of the report,” the statement added.
    The PDP attached to the statement, documents that proved that the APC version f the story is a mere concoction that should be overlooked by rational Nigerians.
    “The attached documents speak for themselves. The APC and indeed this Professor Ogboma without any other name or identity even on the Internet, are now challenged to advance proof of his membership of the Judicial Panel of Inquiry.
    “The APC also needs to be formally informed that the general public is not unaware of its dubious antics. Nigerians know the APC to be a dubious political brand that promotes falsehood, violence and other forms of criminality. It is therefore not surprising that the Party continues to conform to its image and reputation.”


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