Calls for impeachment: Nigeria not a banana republic, APC replies PDP


    Calls for impeachment: Nigeria not a banana republic, APC replies PDP
    In its swift response to calls for the impeachment of President Muhammadu Buhari by the eading opposition party, the PDP, the ruling party APC has replied by reminding that the Federal Republic of Nigeria is not a banana republic.
    The APC in a statement issued on Thursday by its National Secretary, Mai Mala Buni, added that in both content and context, PDP’s statement constitutes a distraction to the National Assembly.
    “The APC wishes to remind the PDP that Nigeria is not a Banana Republic, but a country governed by laws,” it stated.
    The APC described the call as a comical and unnecessary distraction from the ongoing corruption investigation.
    According to the statement, It is confusing and worrisome that the PDP calls for an investigation into the budget issue and at the same time calls for the removal and resignation of the aforementioned.
    The party however expressed confident that the 8th National Assembly will not be distracted by the PDP in its new desperate plot to divert attention from the ongoing investigation into mind-boggling cases of corruption perpetuated under its defunct 16-year rule.
    “Nigerians are still shocked and recovering from the wanton looting perpetuated in the last 16 years under the PDP.  We invite the PDP to supports current efforts aimed at social, economic and institutional reforms.‎


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