Millions of jobless youth time-bomb waiting to explode- Sultan


Sultan of Sokoto

Unless urgent measures are taken to address the rising numbers of unemployment in the country, undesired consequences may arise from the development, Sultan of Sokoto, HE Sa’ad Abubakar has warned.
He gave the warning in Kaduna while addressing the guests at the commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the demise of the Sardauna of Sokoto, Sir Ahmadu Bello.
According to the Sultan, the teeming numbers of unemployed youths s a time-bomb, waiting to explode, if not tackled.
“I don’t envy you the present leaders of the North because you emerged at a time when there is the global economic crisis. The millions of youths that are jobless must be engaged in one way or the other because they are a time-bomb waiting to explode,” Sultan warned.
He charged the governors to find creative ways to get the youths off the street, and make efforts at reviving industries that are comatose, as well as completing those that are uncompleted.
“I challenge our governors to get the youths of the streets. There are several abandoned projects in Northern Nigeria which should be completed. The Ajaokuta Steel Rolling Mill is in the North and it can be completed, would create employment opportunities for thousands of youths,” he advised.
The Sultan also urged the governors from the North to ensure that agriculture is prioritized in their states, without emphasis on only food crops, but paying special attention on cash crops.
On the need to emulate the virtues of the late Sardauna, he said that most claim to emulate him by speech without any actions backing their words.
“50 years have gone by since the demise of Sardauna. Let us work with the ethics he left behind. All of us are either Christians or Muslims. None of these religions encourages corruption. We should be united in spite of ethnic or religious differences to move the North and Nigeria forward,” he charged.


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