Udom vows to boost Akwa Ibom economy through improved power



    emmanuel udom
    Gov Udom

    Governor of Akwa Ibom State, Emmanuel Udom has informed of his administration’s plan to produce electricity meters in the state, would create employment and stop unreliable billing, which will translate to overall boost in the state’s economy.
    In a statement on Saturday, he said that already, arrangements have been concluded with foreign technical partners.
    “In the first quarter of this year we will witness for the first time in the history of our state, Akwa Ibom assembled electricity meters! This is good news.
    “Interestingly our technical partners from China, Pakistan and India have concluded arrangements for the take-off of the Meter Manufacturing Company by Metering Solutions Manufacturing Services Limited (MSMSL).
    “We will produce single phase and three phase electricity meters in various configurations and mountings, light weight, slim skeletal, compact meters for pole top installation, prepayment type meters, split type electricity meters, standard one unit electricity meters, bulk electricity meters, maximum demand meters and smart electricity meters,” he said.
    He assured that his administration will always seek creative ways to creating wealth for the citizens of the state.
    “I know you have been sending me mails and facebook messages with regards to the current power distribution process witnessed across the country, this project will help electricity distribution companies to check theft, nonpayment, unreliable billing, consumer resistance, loss of revenue, and also ensure availability of Nigeria-based products which are of high quality and accessible to its customers.
    “In addition it will create high tech, non oil related employment for our state and country at Large. My administration’s commitment to create wealth and jobs is priority to us,” he added.


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