Okupe threatens to sue Premium Times over false publication


    Former aide to President Goodluck Jonathan, Chief Doyin Okupe has threatened to sue online news medium, Premium Times for what he termed malicious publication.
    “My attention has been drawn to the deliberate, wicked, malicious and false publication by Premium Times against my person. Since this matter is likely to end up in our law court, I will restrict myself to the fact of the case only,” he said.
    According to a statement from him on Tuesday evening, he has already instructed his lawyers to take action over the aid report, but would refrain from making further submissions, since the case would soon be taken to court.
    “Mr Emmanuel Ogala and his medium premium times are highly unprofessional and compromised journalist who are hired as hatchet men to tarnish the reputation and good name of innocent Nigerians who are defenseless against satanic journalist.
    “Nigerians must know that it is Okupe today but it would be anybody tomorrow. Using the platform of a newspaper to fabricate damaging falsehood against people is in itself a terrible and condemnable act of evil corruption which this administration is out against.
    “As I write this piece, the letter from my lawyers is on its way to Premium Times to withdraw their false story and apologized to me publicly within 48 hours otherwise they should prepare for battle in the law court,” he said.


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