Deadly Otukpo cult wars: Tragedy, as yet another youth butchered


    ochidoma palace
    Entrance to Ochi’doma Palace in Otukpo

    By IKANA ADAKOLE, Otukpo
    The family of another young man may have been thrown into mourning on Wednesday night, close to Quintessence Schools, in the GRA part of Otukpo as his lifeless body lay on the floor.
    Sources informed that his gruesome murder which was said to have occurred around 11pm may have resulted from cult rivalry, as cult groups try to outshine each other in the city nicknamed ‘Texas’, but Police sources are suspecting a case of robbery.
    As at time of filing this report, JATUSKI Communications was yet to ascertain the identity of the victim, but a Police source said that the body was evacuated by the Police from the site.
    Though Otukpo is a sleepy city, with few industries, it is the ancestral headquarters of the Idoma nation and boasts of a sizeable population that if adequately utilized, will contribute positively to the development of Benue State.
    It is however, not the case, as such, youth that should be positively engaged end up idling away or resulting to vices that end up luring them into nefarious activities of the cults.
    Our correspondent also informed that yet another young man was murdered in Ado Local Government area on Tuesday, with his remains badly mutilated and butchered, before being set ablaze.
    According to sources, it took the intervention of the Chief of Utonkon before the remains were evacuated for burial.
    The GRA incident brings the body count to seven from murders suspected to be cult related within a month, starting from December to date in Otukpo and environs.


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