There was a time that one could go out at odd hours undisturbed and safe – Etsu Nupe



    L-R; Chairman BOT NESO His Highness Etsu Nupe Alh. Dr. Yahaya Abubakar, Chairman Advisory
    Etsu Nupe (left)

    The present state of insecurity that is threatening the economy and well being of Nigerians is alien to our culture and was never the case in the past. There was once a time in the country when people moved around without nursing any fears on their minds. Those good old days when one could move from Maiduguri to Port Harcourt without any security operatives being suspicious of whom you are or what your mission was, it was all about economic activities.
    Such moments can still come back if we all put our heads together and chart a course towards that direction. It is in view of that, that the Nigerian Elite Security Organisation (NESO) was given birth to, with a quest of championing the movement to returning back to the days of such peaceful coexistence.
    On January 16, 2016, the Board of Trustees (BOT) members were inaugurated at the Transcorp Hilton Hotel, Abuja and a touching speech was delivered by the Etsu Nupe, HRH, Yahaya Abubakar, who happens to be the Chairman of the BOT.
    In an emotionally laden voice, he recalled with nostalgia the way Nigeria was peaceful before the recent evil of terrorism crept in through the back door.
    “On a sad note, may I state that Nigeria has found itself in a situation of insecurity. There was a time that one could go out at odd hours undisturbed and safe. Today, people go to markets, motor parks, places of worship and other gatherings with the fear of probable attacks, that can take place even in broad daylight, with the possibility of claiming lives, maiming people and destroying properties. The draconic acts of insurgencies, terrorism, abduction or kidnapping are alien to us as a people because we used to hear these only in the news, in the past.
    “C.S. Lewis, a novelist, once said: “we are what we believe we are”. Nigerians are not insurgents, Nigerians are not terrorists, Nigerians are not abductors and Nigerians are not kidnapers. indeed, Nigerians are ‘Good People, Great Nation”. Let us believe this, think this and do this and according to C.S. Lewis we will truly be what we believe we are.
    I feel highly honoured and privileged to serve as the Chairman of the Board of Trustees (BOT) of NESO and with great pleasure and joy may I welcome you to the inauguration of the BOT of the organisation. This is the beginning of a new year and I will not forget to wish you a happy and prosperous new year with hope that the year will be filled with great promises and opportunities for us, NESO and Nigeria generally,” he said.
    He explained that NESO cannot be ignored easily because it has over 70,000 Volunteers, national spread and furthermore, the vision and mission of the organisation revolve around service to humanity. The modus operandi of the organisation enables the Officers and Men to facelessly assimilate into a community; mingle with the people; obtain security intelligence; and such vital information are conveyed to the conventional security operatives for necessary intervention to curb the occurrence of insurgency, terrorism and other crimes.
    The Etsu Nupe stressed that in view of the benefits the organization will bring to Nigeria, he has wholeheartedly agreed to be part of it to fast track its growth and development into one that will have an impact.
    “The Volunteers put their lives on the line to save others. To me, this is a remarkable and noble service to humanity. At this juncture, may I state that this is the main factor why I obliged to serve as the Chairman, BOT of NESO.
    “The BOT is the highest decision making organ of any organisation. May I therefore encourage the distinguished Members of the BOT, NESO to put in their very best as they make selfless decisions that will steer the organisation to enviable heights; and also help in actualising the Visions and Mission of the organisation towards rendering service to humanity. Recall, that a small vision, if properly steered and managed, will grow into an iconic organisation. In fact, the iconic organisations of today were once small organsations. On this note, may I state that with cooperation, dedication and commitment of every Member of the BOT, NESO will attain and become an iconic organisation sooner than expected,” he assured.
    He said that the Management of any organisation drives and actualises the policies and programmes of the organization, which brngs about the need for the Corp Commandant General and management of NESO to offer good leadership qualities that will encourage the volunteers towards good and selfless service in line with the vision and mission of the organisation.
    “Let the management carry everybody along with decorum and great sense of responsibility. I am happy to inform the Management that my doors are open to you for fatherly counsel and necessary support to help take the organisation to expected heights.
    “The volunteers need to be guided properly towards service to humanity and to the nation as their first and primary responsibilities. Even though there is no tangible financial benefits now, I can assure you that genuine and loyal service comes with reward and honour,” the royal father assured.
    Etsu Nupe harped on the importance of humility and service to others, stressing that a great leader is expected to do things that his followers cannot do for themselves for them.
    “It is a fact, that great men serve greatly. One cannot be great without serving others. A great leader will do to his people what they cannot do to themselves – like the provision of infrastructures, facilities, amenities and security for the good of the people. Service can be summarised as giving out, not to yourself, but to others. Great service to humanity begat great people, great community and great nation. The greatest reward for service is honour. Calvin Coolidge, the 30th US President once said: “no person was ever honoured for what he received, but honour has been the reward of what he gave”. May I at this juncture call on everyone of us to render selfless service to our nation in every capacity that we may find yourself in.
    He congratulated the Federal Government of Nigeria for the success stories on the achievements of the Armed Forces in the fight against terrorism and insurgency in Nigeria, praying that God strengthens the security operatives with courage to complete the task of safeguarding the territorial integrity of Nigeria; and most importantly saving the lives and properties of Nigerians, while calling on Government and agents of Government especially in security operations to look at the vision and missions of NESO for the purpose of working together as comrades and not as competitors.
    “The idea is to offer selfless service to save lives and properties of Nigerians. NESO is ready to collaborate with all agencies of Government to achieve these noble vision and mission,” he submitted.


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